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credit check for unsecured personal loan North CarolinaTrying to fix your credit but those pesky credit cards are holding you back? Credit card debt is a major problem in the United States with over a third of the population from ages 16 and up admitting to having racked up thousands of dollars worth of charges. In fact, the average amount of credit card debt in America is $5,700. There are areas and states in the country where the average credit card debt reaches into the $8,000s or more. That is where our Loan Discovery Program comes in. With our process, we can find you the best option of clearing that debt.

So you’ve decided to consolidate that credit card debt into one lump sum with one interest rate and one payment — you’ve decided to clean up your credit and get rid of that debt; you’re doing the right thing. Then why is it that no one is willing to give you an unsecured personal loan to accomplish this? Don’t you think that there should be someone willing to help you when you’ve decided to do the right thing!? Well — there is! Loans Now will help you achieve your credit goals, even find you the financing to make it happen!

Unsecured Loans for People with Bad or No Credit

You should be proud of the fact that you are trying to take control of your credit situation and repair the damage to your credit history. It is unfortunate that your past mistakes, including that credit card debt, is the very thing preventing you from getting the personal loan you need to accomplish your goals. See how it works for yourself, but know that Loans Now looks beyond the credit scores and the credit utilization. We take into account all aspects of your situation, including what the loan money will be used for when we search for unsecured personal loan options that can solve your problem. We also help you in other ways:

  • The service is completely free
  • It only takes 5 minutes to receive options
  • No initial credit check
  • We work with credit scores as low as 450

That’s right! Bad credit is not a problem. And considering very few people in the United States has a credit score below a 450, we are able to find solutions for almost anyone in financial dire straits. Check your credit score then fill out our quick, 60-second loan discovery questionnaire to get started today. The benefits of checking your own credit score include:

  • It is free for you to check your own credit score
  • Checking your score does not negatively affect it
  • We do not have to charge you a fee for pulling a copy of your credit score
  • You can develop further strategies to repair your credit

North Carolina is Changing

Traditionally, North Carolina has been a farming and manufacturing state. Tobacco and cotton were two of the biggest industries in the state. At one point in its past, North Carolina was the world’s capital for furniture manufacturing. Unfortunately, these industries have seen some sharp declines as of late because of changing opinions towards tobacco use, the development of a global economy, and the availability of cheaper workers producing cheaper products. This is causing a lot of farmers to switch their crops to those that will keep their families secured and workers are having to change professions to match the changing times.

An increased focus on education is attempting to revitalize North Carolina’s industries. Healthcare, banking, logistics, and aviation have all taken root in the state, requiring more employees with college educations to fill the positions these industries are creating. This is good for North Carolina’s overall economy, but the changes continue to take time. If you work for an employer who is failing and need to switch over to a new industry or career, consider taking out a personal loan to help you. It can cover your expenses during your transition. A loan could also allow you to afford some of the classes you may need to make the transition to something better.

North Carolina Laws and Regulations for Bad Credit Personal Loanscredit score

Personal loans issued in the State of North Carolina are bound by law to charge no more than a maximum rate of interest. That rate is 16% per year (North Carolina General Statutes § 24-1.1(c) for loans of $25,000 or less. North Carolina has had this rate as the legal limit since 1984. The goal in North Carolina is to create a healthy consumer financing industry that is both profitable for businesses and accessible to residents in need of money-borrowing services. For loans that exceed the $25,000 benchmark, there is no cap on the amount of interest allowed on a loan. The parties involved are responsible for negotiating an interest rate that is mutually agreeable.

For any loan issued without the terms in writing, the legal amount of interest a person can charge a borrower is 8% (§ 24-1). If a lender does not have a contract for a higher percentage and they charge a borrower more than the 8% — or if a contracted loan attempts to charge over the 16% legal maximum — then that lender is subject to forfeiture of all of the interest on the loan; the borrower is only responsible for repaying the principal amount originally borrowed. The consumer is also allowed to recover double the amount of interest already paid into the loan (§ 24-2).

Loans Now: Core Policies & Procedures

  • Never collect or share sensitive customer information: SSN, DOB, Address.
  • Never collect up-front payment to process a customer’s loan application / or fund a loan. Loans Now will NEVER ask you to send us money in any form.
  • Introduce customers to our Loan Discovery Process. A one-on-one loan service strategy that fits every customer’s unique needs with the right lender for them

North Carolina Personal Loan for Bad Credit Lending Regulator

The North Carolina State Banking Commission uses the Office of the Commissioner of Banks to regulate lending in the state. Through this office, state banks are chartered and other financial institutions are licensed to operate in North Carolina. The Office of the Commissioner of Banks monitors lenders and investigates claims made against one by a consumer.

North Carolina Commissioner of Banks (physical address)

316 W. Edenton Street
Raleigh, NC 27603

North Carolina Commissioner of Banks (mailing address)

4309 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699

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