Congratulations! It seems as if you would be a candidate for our program. You have completed the first step in the process. Please read this page in its entirety as we have provided a lot of information so that your loan will move smoothly.

  • The following are some sample* 5 year payments:
  1. Sample Loan:
    FICO Score Loan Amount & Term Sample Payment /
    Total Payment
    450  Experian $2,500 / 5 YRS $71.22 / $4,273.20
    450-500  Experian $2,500/ 5 YRS $66.01 / $3,960.60
    500-550  Experian $2,500/ 5 YRS $60.89 / $3,653.40
    550-600  Experian $2,500/ 5 YRS $55.86 /  $3,351.60
    600-620  Experian $2,500/ 5 YRS $50.92 / $3,055.20
    620-640 Experian $2,500/ 5 YRS $46.08 / $2,764.80

    *Loans Now does not charge any upfront fees to anyone.

    **Sample rates and payments are just that samples. Not all borrowers will qualify for the lowest rate due to basic underwriting principales not will all candidates qualify for a loan. Our team does review credit scores down to 450.

  2. You have been assigned a Loan Discovery Representative:

Your Discovery Representative: Chip Walter

You will receive a welcome email from him with your loan information as well, please make sure to check your email.


You will be working with him during this process. Remember that he may contact  you if necessary to conduct a small interview – please make sure your voice mail is not full.

As a part of his interaction he could ask some follow up questions pertaining to your specific file.

Note: We cannot process your request without all of the answers to the questions below.

3.Your personal profile:

We ask that you pull a current report* as 99% of our programs use the Experian FICO. If you do not have an Experian score provider
you can obtain your credit using our suggested/ trusted partner.

Click Here.

*Current Experian Report must be from today. 

**Loans Now is affiliated with this company

Once you have that finalized please email him with the following: 

(Unless he has already emailed you then please respond to his email)

Credit Score?

Who you obtained that score from, our partner or other?

The date you obtained that score ?

The sum total of your monthly obligations / Car Payments / Rent / any other bills /Mortgage/ Credit Cards Etc.?

Have you filed Bankruptcy?

Have you missed payments in the last 5 years?

Any other notes if needed.

  • Send this information to:
  • Once you have completed that he will have a program to you within 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Our Loans start at $200 and go up to 40K
  • Most of our clients see a term of 1/3/5/7 Years.

As you know we value your privacy. Each time someone pulls your credit it may drop your score. As stated our process is unique in that we do not pull credit initially. 

A FEW IMPORTANT NOTES: Please review the rest of this page as it is important in helping you obtain your funding.

*Remember that you may cancel your 7 day Free Trial at anytime after your obtain your score

**Please have this information ready. Once you have that data please email your account representative so that he may process you file and get you quoted and possibly funded as quickly as possible. If he needs more information he will reach out to you. 

Again, this contact could consist of a quick interview to review your specific situation and uncover any details which may better your rate. Also please check your email he might of already reached out to you.

If you are not able to speak / or you applied after business hours M-F 8am-7pm . Please email a time to: notifying us when you will be available.

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