Thank You


It seems as if you would be a candidate for our program. You have completed the first step in the process. Please read this page in its entirety, as we have provided a lot of information so that your process will move smoothly. This process should take less than 15 minutes.

Please Remember

  • You will never be asked to pay a fee!
  • Our Loans start at $500 and go up to $70k
  • Most of our clients see a term of  3 / 5 / 7 Years.

We value your privacy. Each time someone pulls your credit it may drop your score. Our process is unique. We do not pull credit initially so your score will not drop.

The following are some sample 5 year payments: 

Sample Loan:

Credit Score Loan Amount & Term Sample Payment /
Total Payment
450  Experian $2,500 / 5 YRS $71.22 / $4,273.20
450-500  Experian $2,500/ 5 YRS $66.01 / $3,960.60
500-550  Experian $2,500/ 5 YRS $60.89 / $3,653.40
550-600  Experian $2,500/ 5 YRS $55.86 /  $3,351.60
600-620  Experian $2,500/ 5 YRS $50.92 / $3,055.20
620-640 Experian $2,500/ 5 YRS $46.08 / $2,764.80

**Sample rates and payments are just that samples. Not all borrowers will qualify for the lowest rate due to basic underwriting principales not will all candidates qualify for a loan. Our team does review credit scores down to 450.

*Loans Now does not charge any upfront fees / or any Fees at any time to anyone.

 1. Current Credit Score?

We ask that you pull a current report* as 90% of programs use the Experian FICO score. If you do not have an Experian score provider you can obtain your credit using our suggested / trusted partner.

Knowing your credit score before you apply is one of the most important pieces in any credit application. It can help you apply to the right institution, get the best rate, lower your payment and assist in speeding up the approval process by educating you on which product to choose. We strongly advise you to identify your credit score before starting your application. If you already know your score than that is great too. You are one step ahead in the process and closer to obtaining your loan. We are here to assist you in all aspects of the loan process and truly believe that understanding your credit and your score is important when presenting yourself to possible personal loan lenders. When you know your score, you are sure to make the right decision.

*We cannot accept unpaid Credit Karma as they do not provide an Experian Score.

*Credit report must be current

2. Additional Information Needed

  • Date you obtained your credit score
  • The total sum of your monthly bills
  • Have you filed for Bankruptcy?
  • Have you missed payments in the last 2 years?

3.Chip Walter

You will be working with him during this process, he may (if necessary) call to introduce himself. He cannot take questionairres and /or make decisions over the phone. He will send you an email as well which should list the next steps if any. Please see below for Next Steps.

Follow Up

As a follow up you will receive a welcome email and possibly a call from him about your loan information. Please make sure to check your email for your next set of instructions.

Next Steps Final

Please check your email. You should receive an email from your represenative. This email will describe what is next in the process. Please remember that your account represenative may reach out to you by phone if necessary but you may proceed to the Final Phase if you have all of the necessary information.

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