Budgeting for Holiday Expenses

Shopping for gifts, and taking holiday trips can be more affordable pleasures when planned for in advance and budgeted for accordingly.

Interest free layaway not only keeps the surprises out of the house until it’s time to celebrate, it’s a money saving arrangement.

Once exclusive holiday travel experiences: skating Rockefeller Center, skiing the Rockies, shopping historic Paris—are now more affordable opportunities, because of peer-to-peer online marketplaces.

An underused practical approach, and timeless treasure made possible because of innovation…plan and book early.

And if you got a late start making this year’s holiday experience special, some things—credit permitting, people might do…

1) Charge gifts and travel expenses to existing credit card accounts.

2A) Transfer existing credit card balances to a new credit card account that is offering a promotional low or no interest rate period.

2B) Pay-off their high interest rate credit card debt with a lower interest rate, unsecured personal loan.

3) Start planning for next year’s holiday experience….early!

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