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credit check for unsecured personal loan Lawton, Ok.With its strong ties to the government and military sectors, Lawton is a city that should be completely prosperous. Government jobs offer both pay and benefits that their civilian counterparts often don’t match. Despite this, many people in Lawton struggle with unique financial challenges, and unscrupulous parties are just waiting to take advantage. If you need a personal loan for bad credit in Lawton, our Loans Discovery Program is one of the safest options you’ve got. We can help you compare different lending offers while protecting your credit score and private information.

Troubling Times in the Home of the Artillery

As the number one employer in Lawton, Fort Sill provides jobs to over 5,000 of the city’s residents. It’s also the home of the U.S. Army Field Artillery School and one of four Basic Combat Training sites. This means that a fresh influx of young soldiers and Marines are constantly rotating in and out of the post, bringing their families with them. You would think that those serving our country would be free from financial hardship, but you’d be wrong.

Low Pay and Heavy Debt

While many people are aware that military and government jobs provide great benefits, what’s not so common knowledge is how little the actual pay is. An enlisted service member with less than two years in service only makes around $1,680 a month. While some amenities like food, housing, and healthcare are often provided free of charge, service members still have to pay insurance, car payments, and other recurring expenses just like the rest of us. For many, this creates a debt they have trouble meeting.

A High Risk of Missing Pay

Unlike their civilian counterparts, military and government workers are dependent on congressional approval just to receive a paycheck. If a budget or resolution isn’t passed, certain sectors of government, including the Department of Defense, can enter a shutdown period. During this time, employees are usually given a choice of evils: go on furlough, or work without pay. Neither options guarantees that they’ll be able to recoup any lost wages. It’s not uncommon for workers to miss monthly payments during these periods. They then have to face the possibility of eviction or having their vehicle repossessed.

Short-Term Solutions that Lead to Long-Term Problems

Close to every major military installation in America, you’ll find a host of shady businesses. By far the worst of these are payday lenders. In the state of Oklahoma, payday loans are legal per Oklahoma Statute Title 59 §§ 3101, also known as the Deferred Deposit Lending Act. Under the law, payday lenders may extend up to $500 at a time, for no more than 45 days. They can also charge up to $15 per $100 on the first $300 you borrow, and an additional $20 if you take the maximum $500. All told, the maximum APR you can expect to find with an Oklahoma payday lender is 390%. With these schemes, payday lenders trap desperate soldiers and government workers in a cycle of recurring debts that are difficult to pay.

You Deserve to Access Money When You Need It

You shouldn’t automatically be denied money just because of bad credit, and your only recourse shouldn’t be a payday lender who will rob you blind. We believe that everyone should be able to find great loans in Oklahoma, and anywhere else in the U.S., regardless of their credit rating. That’s why we created our Loans Discovery program and it’s allowed thousands to find their perfect offer!

Find the Offer That Works for You

Whether you need a little money for a short while, or substantial amounts for extended periods, we can help you. So long as you have at least a 450 credit score, you can access options to:

  • Borrow hundreds or thousands of dollars
  • Take a minimum of two, up to a maximum of seven, years to pay back the money
  • Qualify for interest rates below 5%
  • Receive money without any collateral
  • Not incur an early payoff penalty

Since our program is completely free to use, you’ll never pay us any money. We don’t need your credit card, bank account, or other financial information. We don’t lend directly – we just pair you with great offers!

Compare Deals with Peace of Mind

We understand that your credit standing can impact your ability to keep a security clearance in the government sector. The information you provide us to find your offers is kept in complete confidence. We don’t share it with your employer, an outside agency, or any other parties. We also protect your credit rating by not conducting initial credit checks. We work with the score you tell us.

Settle Your Debts Quickly

If you’re enduring a shutdown, and your debtors are constantly calling, we know there’s no time to waste. Our process is fast and easy, taking no more than five minutes to enroll. Once you’re done, we do our best to have your offers ready within a 24-hour period. If you opt to use one of our options, our network of providers typically has your money available in just a day or two.

Ensure Your Financial Security with a Loans Now Offer Today!

You’ve given up so much to protect our way of life. You shouldn’t have to endure additional hardship just because of a bad credit score. Our mission is to connect you with an offer that can put your life back on track, and ensure financial security for you and your family. Enroll today and take advantage of a free resource that can help you achieve victory!

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