Bad Credit Loans Laurel, Ms.

credit check for unsecured personal loan Laurel, Ms.For the past few decades, the city of Laurel has been in a state of constant decline. Businesses and the jobs they provide have either been lost or moved to different locations. It’s left an absurdly high number of people struggling with debt, and few options to improve their situation. You may need a personal loan for bad credit in Laurel to help you recover, and we can help you find your ideal offer. Our Loans Discovery Program pairs people with bad credit to lending offers tailored to their circumstances, with no initial credit check and no fees.

A City in Decline

Since its founding, Laurel has been a major center for agriculture in Mississippi. Cotton mills and manufacturing plants caused a boom in the city up until the mid-20th century. With the automation of many manufacturing and farming processes, employees were laid off in droves, and no new industries moved in to take their place. As a result, the city’s poorest residents now face some difficult situations, for which there are no simple solutions.

Many Laurel Residents are Poor and Destitute

Since 2010, Laurel has experienced poverty at a rate that few other places in the U.S. will ever know. Twenty-eight point nine percent of the population lived below the federal poverty line in 2010, and by the close of 2017, it had risen to 31.5%. By point of reference, the national average at the time was just 12.3%. Additionally, the unemployment rate in Laurel was seven percent as of 2018. The bottom line is that many residents in Laurel can’t find a job, and those that have one, don’t make nearly enough to afford their basic needs.

Bad Credit is Shunned by Traditional Lenders

To make matters worse for Laurel residents, most lending agencies refuse to work with bad credit at all. Traditionally, financial institutions require scores ranging from 650 and up in order to qualify for their offers. Compounding the problem is hard inquiries, which are official checks on credit scores lenders make prior to extending an offer. These checks often cause credit scores to lower. For bad credit loan-seekers, this creates a situation where trying to shop for the best rates can leave them in worse shape than before, and still not be able to borrow money.

“Debt Solution” Lenders are Treacherous

One type of lender who not only works with bad credit but welcomes it is the title lender. They often offer guaranteed approval, without no checks on credit, to anyone who seeks them out. All you have to do is promise your car title as collateral, and pay the fees. And pay you will, to an average APR of about 300%. In 2017, title lenders collected more than $297 million in fees from Mississippi residents. Many are unable to meet their payments, and end up having their car repossessed. Under Mississippi Senate Bill 2409, residents are only given 30 days after the due date to completely pay their debt or have their car taken away. These so-called “debt solution” agencies are, in reality, making an already terrible situation even worse for the citizens of Mississippi.

Why Risk Your Car When There’s a Better Way to Access Money?

You may have the impression that the only option left is to risk your vehicle with a title lender. You can’t afford for your score to drop as traditional lenders check it, only to turn you away. You don’t have to settle for either to find a great loan in Mississippi! With our Discovery Program, you can join the over 500,000 clients we’ve helped find the perfect offer, without risking your credit or your vehicle.

Unsecured Offers That Fit Your Situation

With our network, the only thing you’re going to find are personal, unsecured lending options. We don’t work with title lenders in any way. You’ll never have to promise your car or any other type of collateral to receive our offers. Additionally, we have access to a wide variety of lending options to match what you need, including:

  • The potential to borrow between $500 and $70,000
  • Potential interest rates starting at just 4.99%
  • A minimum of two years, with a maximum of seven years, to repay your loan
  • No penalties or fees for paying back your money early
  • No charges of any kind to use our service

A Network that Protects Your Information

We respect the fact that you may be facing a difficult time because of your bad credit. Our goal is to help you improve your situation, not make it worse. We use the credit score that you report as our starting point, so there’s no initial inquiry to verify that you have the 450 minimum we require. We also respect your privacy, so we don’t collect any sensitive information like your DOB, your address, or your bank statements. The information we do collect to find your offers we keep to ourselves – it will never be shared with anyone.

A System that Gets Your Money Quickly

We realize that you need money quickly to meet your obligations, and can’t wait while we take our time getting your money together. We’ve optimized our process for speed and simplicity. That’s why registration for our program takes around five minutes at most, and why you typically have your offers by the following day. Our network of money providers also understands your need for urgency and normally has funds available for you within one to two businesses days.

Don’t Risk Making Things Worse – Let us Work for You Now!

No matter how desperate your situation, working with a title lender is far too risky, especially when better options are available. Our business has helped thousands of people just like you, and you can get the same great results safely and quickly. Stop taking unnecessary risks – sign up for our free service and let us find your perfect solution now!

Personal Loans Starting at 4.99%
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  • Credit Scores Reviewed to 450
  • 2, 3, 5 & 7 Year Terms
  • Loan Amounts $500 - 70K

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