Bad Credit Loans Laredo, Tx.

credit check for unsecured personal loan Laredo, Tx.Sharing the border with Mexico means Laredo has grown substantially since the North American Free Trade Agreement was launched in 2007. However, despite the boom, a large portion of the population still struggles with poverty and debt. If you’re seeking a personal loan for bad credit in Laredo, our Loans Discovery Program is a great option to get money when you need it. We provide multiple lending offers for you to choose from, 100% free of charge.

A Diverse Populace with a Common Struggle for Money

Since Laredo’s economy depends largely on its trading and shipping operations with Mexico, things can be turbulent for everyday men and women just trying to get by. The pay isn’t great in most jobs, and the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that over 30% of the population lived in poverty as of 2017. It’s not surprising, given that their survey found a per capita income of just $16,642. Additionally, Laredo faces some conditions that other cities don’t have to deal with.

A Legal Code with Hardly Any Protections

As far as protecting its citizens goes, the laws that govern lending in Texas leave a lot to be desired. The only real protection that the finance code offers is a limit of 10% on interest rates for consumer loans, and a minimum of 10 days to repay the money you borrow. However, it doesn’t limit finance charges in any way, and banks are an excepted from these laws. And there are certain parties who use the freedom banks enjoy to their advantage.

A Legal Loophole that Costs Billions

Because banks enjoy such a large degree of freedom in setting their terms, certain malicious parties have started partnering with them to set up a truly dangerous operation. Calling themselves credit repair organizations, many payday and title lenders have been able to:

  • Legally charge interest rates higher than 500%
  • Charge hundreds of dollars in fees
  • Set a limit of two weeks to repay your money
  • Demand collateral to use their services
  • Enjoy unrestricted rollovers on default payments

The result is that Texas residents paid more in interest and fees to these agencies than any other state in 2017, around $1.1 billion total.

A Problem Getting Traditional Options

The situation described above wouldn’t be so bad if you could get a regular loan. But when you have bad credit, it’s just not feasible in many cases. Many lenders will refuse to work with you if your credit score is below 600. Requesting an offer from them usually results in a hard inquiry that damages your score, making it difficult to compare rates. Finally, normal lenders tend to move very slowly and can take as long as 30 days to get you your money, assuming you get approved in the first place.

There’s a Much Easier Way to Find Bad Credit Loans in Laredo

If you’ve worked with any of the businesses described above, you’re probably feeling pretty beat up by now. Since your bills haven’t stopped coming in, you may be getting very desperate to get money, but don’t think there’s anywhere left to turn. The solution you need is Loans Now! Our service was created so that people with bad credit could access and compare different lending options safely, quickly, and easily.

We Save You Time and Shield Your Credit

With our program, there are no initial credit checks. The way our system works is that you pull your own score, then fill it in on our form, keeping your score intact. The entire form takes three to five minutes to complete at most. Once you’re registered, we’re often able to get you different offers to consider within a day or two. Our lending partners are normally able to have your money ready within a single business day, once you’ve agreed to their offer. We understand that you can’t wait for weeks to get money, and we work hard to get it to you fast.

We Offer Rates That You Can Afford

While most payday and title lenders limit you to around $500 at a time, we realize that’s often not enough. Our options allow you to potentially borrow thousands at a time. You’re also given several years to pay back your debt, not weeks. Finally, since all of our offers are personal unsecured loans, you’ll never have to give up collateral of any kind to use our options.

We Respect Your Rights and Treat You Fairly

We believe that people are more than the sum of their credit score. Just because you have bad credit, we don’t assume that you’re untrustworthy. Our free service is available to anyone with a credit score of least 450. Once you’re registered, we assign a personal advisor, who will answer questions and help you navigate the different options we present to you. You’ll never owe us money, and you’re under no obligation to use any of the offers we send you. For getting access to money in Texas, or anywhere else within the lower 48 states, our service is simply the best you can get!

Get the Money You Need with an Offer From Loans Now!

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to access money, just because you have a bad credit score. Our service provides that access, and delivers great choices that you can use to pay your bills, get out of debt, and potentially improve your credit, all for free! Enroll in our Loans Discovery Program, and let us help you find the perfect option to borrow money today!

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