Bad Credit Loans Kenosha, Wi.

credit check for unsecured personal loan Kenosha, Wi.Kenosha is a small city that has adapted well to a changing world. It survived the transition from manufacturing to more modern industries and has continued to grow. But that doesn’t mean that everyone in the city has been able to keep up with these rapid changes. You may have found yourself in need of a personal loan for bad credit in Kenosha, and we can help you get the best offer. Our Loans Discovery Program was made specifically so that people with bad credit could compare different offers without affecting their credit score.

Outbound and Indebted

Throughout much of its history, Kenosha’s economy was firmly rooted in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. With the decline of manufacturing, many American cities found their economies completely decimated. This isn’t the case for Kenosha – white-collar and tech positions have exploded since the turn of the century. Easy access to both Chicago and Milwaukee meant many Kenoshians simply started to commute elsewhere for work. Tourism also plays an important role in keeping the city healthy. However, a fairly large percent of the population is still having trouble adapting to the changing world.

Higher Than Average Poverty

Despite the fact the average Kenosha household brought in $50,256 in 2017, 19% of the city’s population still lived below the federal poverty line. This was considerably higher than the national average of 12.3%. Since almost half of the city’s workforce commutes to either Milwaukee or Chicago, and most of the new positions in Kenosha are white-collar, people who spent their whole lives in the manufacturing sector don’t have the skills to make the transition. With the cost of living on the rise in Kenosha, people are struggling to meet their financial obligations.

No Access to Money for Bad Credit

Compounding the financial woes of many Kenosha residents is the fact that borrowing money with bad credit is very hard to do. In many cases, traditional banks and lenders won’t consider lending to anyone with a credit score below around 620. This is especially true in Wisconsin, where the average credit score in the state was 696 in 2017. This led to lenders being relatively spoiled in many cases, and flat out rejecting anyone with bad credit.

Unchecked Lenders Who Make the Problem Worse

For payday lenders, few states in the U.S. are more appealing than Wisconsin. Under Wisconsin Statute 138.14, payday dealers do not have a maximum interest cap, meaning they can set whatever finance rates and fees they desire. It allowed payday agencies to collect more than $8.4 million in charges from Wisconsin residents in 2014. While these businesses are technically limited to $1,500 or 35% gross income in the amount they can extend, they often use a simple trick to skirt the law. By offering a 91-day repayment cycle, instead of the legally set 90 days, they fall outside the restrictions set on payday loans. They can then lend whatever they want, often at unreasonable terms, and renew the loan as often as they like. This often results in borrowers becoming ensnared in a financial trap.

Borrowing Money Doesn’t Have to Make Your Situation Worse

Based on the above information, you might conclude that there aren’t any good options for you to access money in Wisconsin with your bad credit. You get turned away by traditional vendors, and payday lenders are a dangerous alternative that you should never consider. That’s why our Discovery program exists! For over 500,000 clients, we’ve been able to connect them with offers that perfectly match their needs!

Offers Tailored to Your Needs

We recognize that no two borrowers are alike. Everyone has different circumstances, and different requirements to borrow money. That’s why we’ve established an extensive network of lending partners who can offer:

  • Thousands of dollars
  • Lower interest rates than many competitors
  • Up to seven years to pay back your money
  • No obligation to surrender collateral
  • No charges for early repayment

With our free service, there are no costs or fees associated. You don’t pay us anything, and you don’t have to opt for any of the offers we extend.

No Initial Credit Checks

Traditional agencies usually make a hard inquiry on your score from the very beginning. That can cause your score to drop and that’s not what we’re about. We utilize your self-reported score to conduct our search. This protects your score while still enabling you to access multiple offers at once. Since we don’t share your information outside of our network, you won’t ever get any unsolicited offers or unexpected checks on your credit.

Saving You Time, In More Ways Than One

If you need to borrow money, speed is everything. Billing due dates don’t change because you don’t have the money or have bad credit. If you checked every offer yourself, it could take weeks to find the best deal. With our service, you get multiple offers all at once, usually within 24 hours of submitting your enrollment. Once you’ve chosen your perfect offer, your money is normally available within the following two days.

Find Your Financial Solution with Loans Now!

You don’t have to settle for bad debt, and you don’t have to resort to predatory businesses to get your money. Our free service can get you what you need, safely and quickly. Don’t delay – enroll now and let us get the offer you’ve been desperate to find!

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