Bad Credit Loans Kansas City, Mo.

credit check for unsecured personal loan Kansas City, Mo..As Missouri’s largest city, Kansas City is a booming urban center, with an economy closely tied to work in the government sector. With GDP that accounts for over 20% of Missouri’s total output, Kansas City should be a bustling sector for anyone who wants to make money. Sadly, plenty of people in the city still don’t make nearly enough, and their debts are growing. If you need a personal loan for bad credit in Kansas City, our Loan Discovery Program is the perfect resource for you. It allows you to compare bad credit offers to borrow money, with no initial credit checks, and at no cost.

Growing Hardship on the State Border

Kansas City has a unique place in American geography, as it’s the only major city where most of its communities lie outside the state that it’s named for. Regardless, Kansas City enjoys many of the luxuries that other cities do. It has a stable economy founded in work for the federal government, with the IRS maintaining an extensive service center in the city’s center. It also houses the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant. Even though the positions common to both sectors are usually stable, they don’t necessarily pay enough to support the cost of living.

A Lack of Sustainable Wages

As of 2017, the estimated poverty rate in Kansas City was 17.3%. Based on the population count at the time, approximately 84,587 people were living at or below the established federal poverty line. This was true in spite of the fact that over 68% of the city’s population was actively working, and despite average household income exceeding $50,000 per year. Sadly, ample job opportunities and increased wages don’t count for much in an economy where inflation is leaving everyone to struggle.

Medical Costs That Are Difficult to Bear

For a large portion of the city’s populace, a medical emergency could result in a debt they can’t possibly repay. 15.1% of Kansas City residents didn’t have health insurance in 2017, meaning over 73,000 people would have to pay for medical care out of pocket. Average medical expenses topped $10,000 annually per person in 2016, creating conditions that many Kansas City residents may not be able to endure.

“Solutions” That Rob You Blind

Areas with low income, high debt, and desperate people are the perfect places for payday lenders, and Missouri has some of the worst. Thanks to provisions established in Missouri Revised Statute §§ 408.500.1, payday operations in Missouri have been able to legally charge the highest fees, with the worst terms, of any state in the nation. These include:

  • An APR of up to 1,950%
  • Financing fees of up to 75% of the principal
  • A minimum 14-day payment window
  • A hard limit of $500
  • Up to six rollovers upon default

With these capabilities, Missouri lenders were able to extend over 1.62 million payday transactions in 2016, generating millions in profits for themselves. For many, these “no credit check; guaranteed approval” offers led to nothing but worse debt and declining credit.

There’s a Better Solution to Resolve Your Debts

You might think a payday lender is the only type of creditor who will work with your poor score. That simply isn’t the case. For over 500,000 borrowers, we’ve been able to get unsecured, personal loans in Missouri, and for the other 47 contiguous states as well. Bad credit didn’t stop them from getting the money they needed, and it doesn’t have to stop you either!

Great Terms Despite Bad Credit

Payday lenders limit you to a few hundred dollars and a few weeks to repay. Our options can offer up to thousands, and give you years to repay. None of our options ever go above 35% APR, and none of them require your car title to secure your offer. Additionally, ours is a completely free service – there are no charges, fees, or expenses. All of our options are for personal loans, meaning you can spend the money on whatever you need, including any medical expenses you have.

A Process to Protect Your Score

Our goal is to help you rebuild your credit, not wreck it further. Our search process begins with a questionnaire that uses the credit score you report to initially generate your offers. It allows us to match you with the options that fit your situation without impacting your credit rating. Additionally, all of your information is kept strictly confidential with us. You won’t receive any unsolicited offers from outside agencies.

A Method to Get Money Quick

If you have a high medical bill coming due, a process that takes weeks to get your money isn’t good enough. We implemented our system to work fast and work simply. With some basic information and just over four minutes on your part, we can start the search. Normally within a day, you’ll have your offers to compare, and typically have your money a day or so later.

Find the Option You Need to Pay Your Debts With Loans Now!

We believe you’re more than the sum of a bad credit score, and that’s how we interact with you. Our business looks at all of your circumstances when we compile options for you so that you get the offers that fit your needs. You don’t have to succumb to mounting debts! Find the options you need to succeed with our Discovery program today!

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