Bad Credit Loans Jacksonville, NC

credit check for unsecured personal loan Jacksonville, NCFor being classified as a small city, Jacksonville isn’t doing too bad. It’s enjoyed steady growth since the year 2000, with both the population and the average income steadily increasing. Despite that, there are plenty of people still struggling to pay their bills. To find the best personal loan for bad credit in Jacksonville, our program is the best deal you can get! At no charge to you, we can find multiple offers to borrow money, saving you time and effort, and protecting your credit rating at the same time.

A Small City with Some Big Problems

As the home of the U.S. Marine Corps’ Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville has one of the largest concentrations of young people in the United States. 2017 estimates by the U.S. Census revealed that 72.2% of the city’s population is between 18 and 65-years-old, with the average age being 22. Most of these young people are Marines stationed on-post. They give the city it’s unique personality, but they also endure some tough challenges.

Scam Artists Flock to Military Posts

There are three types of businesses that you’re guaranteed to find near any military post in the U.S.: liquor stores, used car dealers, and money lenders (sometimes called “credit repair agencies”). The last type, in particular, is a major concern for young Marines and their leaders. North Carolina law prohibits payday loans and limits interest rates to 8% per annum. However, the law also allows people to contract for higher rates, if they choose to do so. Scammers and shady dealers are depending on the young populace being inexperienced and not knowing their rights. They often demand higher rates and fees. In many cases, they succeed.

A Lack of Government Funding is Always a Risk

Unlike many private sector salaries, government employees’ salaries have to be approved for funding. When Congress and the Senate can’t pass a budget, the government can shut down. This results in many employees, including military service members, going on furlough or working for weeks without pay. Not every landlord, mortgage lender, or auto dealer is accommodating. Some people have found themselves being evicted or having their car repossessed.

Bad Credit Can Be a Career Hurdle

Since the main employer in Jacksonville is the Department of Defense, many people depend on their credit for more than access to money. As part of the process to receive a security clearance, a background check is made on applicants, including their credit standing. A bad credit score makes you seem risky. A bad credit score can get you denied for clearance, and may cause you to be denied a promotion or a new position.

You Need a Safe Option to Get Money and Improve Your Credit

What you really need is a safe option that allows you to access money quickly, and improve your credit at the same time. But what is that solution? Normal lenders typically turn people with bad credit away, and credit cards can quickly lead to uncontrolled debt. No, the solution you need is Loans Now! Our free Discovery service is fast, effective, and safe. You can choose between multiple tailored options while protecting your score and improving it at the same time!

Fair Terms Means an Opportunity to Boost Your Score

In partnership with our lending providers, we offer some of the best market terms you’re going to find for bad credit. For those who meet our criteria, we can present options that provide:

  • Amounts of up to tens of thousands of dollars
  • Repayment options spanning over several years
  • Lower interest rates than other services
  • Time saved from shopping between different lenders
  • No payoff penalties

When you’re approved for a new line of credit, it strengthens your credit profile. When you make your monthly payments on time, it strengthens your profile. Getting approved for a loan, and managing it well, can actually help boost your credit! This will help you get better terms in the future, and help government employees pass their background check. Our service covers the lower 48 states. No matter where you’re stationed, if you need a loan in North Carolina or somewhere else in the country, we stand ready to serve you!

Your Information is Safe with Us

Unlike other money services, we don’t share your personal information with anybody. You won’t be getting any phone calls or emails with “special offers” that you don’t want. Because our service is completely free, we don’t accept money from you in any form. We require a minimum 450 credit score to use our service but we leave the inquiry to you. A self-check won’t affect your score.

We Don’t Make You Wait for Weeks to Get Your Money

When you haven’t been paid in weeks, and you’re being threatened with eviction, you don’t have time to waste. We value your time and designed our process to be as quick and easy as possible. You can have your form completed and submitted within a few minutes, and we often have your options ready to compare by the following day. Most of the time, our partners can have your money ready one business day after you’re approved.

Get the Money You Deserve with Loans Now!

You’ve been taught to use improvise, adapt, and overcome any situation. Part of that means using the tools that come readily available. Our Discovery service is a free resource that can help you pay off debt while you work to boost your credit. Let us provide you with a service that’s as faithful as you are to our great nation. Register for our program, and start improving your situation now!

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