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credit check for unsecured personal loan Jacksonville, Fl.As Florida’s most populated city, Jacksonville has grown into one of the country’s biggest centers for business, tourism, and national defense. Combined, these industries yield more than $76 million GDP every year for Jacksonville. Despite the economic stability, many of Jacksonville’s residents face severe financial challenges. If you’re facing some of these challenges, a personal loan for bad credit in Jacksonville may be your ticket to solving your money woes. Through our Loans Discovery Program, we can help you find the ideal offer! Our service compiles lending offers based on your needs and assigns a personal advisor to help you select the best option, at no expense to you!

Plenty of Sunshine and Plenty of Debt

Jacksonville continues to do well because an array of different industries make up the city’s economy. Finance and logistics are massive industries in Jacksonville, and tourism yields over $1.6 billion each year. Additionally, the city has an extensive military presence, with both the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps drawing millions in government funding. You would think that would be enough to ensure everyone is living comfortably, but that sadly isn’t the case.

Nearly 150,000 People Can Barely Afford to Live

The census estimates for 2017 placed the poverty rate at 16.4% in Jacksonville. That was 1.4% higher than the rest of the country and translated to 146,298 people not earning a livable income. Between 2011 and 2017, the median household income only increased by about 10%. Additionally, the violent crime rate in Jacksonville was about 405.2 per 100,000 people in 2018, nearly double the national average. This keeps businesses out of crime-ridden neighborhoods, preventing easy access to better-paying jobs.

Floridians Struggle with Credit Card Debt

Business Insider ranked Florida as the 12th worst state in the U.S. for credit card debt. The average Florida household carried an average debt of $8,444 in 2018. With interest rates that accumulated at an average of 16% in 2018, people had trouble not only keeping their credit utilization low but also managing their payments. Because the balance can change constantly, it’s not unusual for people to receive a higher minimum payment than they did the month prior.

Government Workers Face a Unique Challenge

For both the active service members and civilians employees working for the Department of Defense, the risk of being denied a paycheck is a constant threat. Pay is distributed in the federal defense budget, which has to be approved by Congress, the Senate, and the President. If budgetary measures aren’t passed on time, the government can enter a full or partial shut down. When this occurs, it’s very likely that these same employees will either be sent home or continue to work without pay. In either case, government employees face an increased risk of eviction, having their car repossessed, and missing their monthly payments.

You Don’t Have to Keep Struggling with Debt

Even if you have bad credit, you have options to access great lending offers, whether you know it or not. You also don’t have to wait for weeks on your money to come in when the bills are due now. How? With Loans Now! With our headquarters right here in Jacksonville, we’re proud to be a local business with national reach! Our Discovery program has helped find personal loans for Floridians and Americans all over the country!

Offers Geared Towards Your Goals

We don’t limit your options because of bad credit. Through our network of lending partners, we can access offers that allow you to:

  • Borrow up to thousands of dollars
  • Pay far less in interest than you would for a payday or title offer
  • Apply your money to whatever you want, such as rent payments or credit card debt
  • Not have to offer any assets as collateral
  • Repay over at least a few years

Our goal is to provide options that best align with your current situation, and help you achieve your desired outcome.

Privacy and Confidentiality for Your Profile

Other lenders require a hard inquiry before they’ll offer you terms, but when you have bad credit, that’s the last thing you need. Our process works by using your self-reported score as a starting point, preventing the need for a hard inquiry but validating the 450 minimum we need. Additionally, we understand that many government employees undergo a background check to receive a security clearance. A bad credit score can throw up a red flag, so we keep your rating private.

Quick Access to the Money You Need

If you’re dealing with a looming credit card bill or enduring a shutdown, a loan that takes weeks to come in doesn’t do much good. We designed our system with simplicity and speed in mind, so there’s minimal delay in funding your request. The process begins with a five-minute questionnaire and offers usually come back to you the day after. For the majority of requests, our providers can have your funds ready for you in one to two standard working days. No delays, no headaches, just the money you ask for when you ask for it!

Find the Financial Security you Crave with Loans Now!

Just because living is more expensive in Jacksonville now, that doesn’t mean you have to keep living in debt. Our free service is the perfect way to pay off debt, protect your credit rating, and escape the financial turmoil that’s been plaguing you until now. Don’t delay any further! Fill out your questionnaire and start finding the peace of mind you crave now!

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