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credit check for unsecured personal loan Houma, La.Within the city of Houma, tradition is a point of honor. The people take deep pride in their Cajun ancestry, and many work in the traditional industries that have kept the city going. But the world is changing, and many positions in Houma don’t provide the economic support they once did. If you’re struggling to meet your monthly payments, you should consider a personal loan for bad credit in Houma. By using our Loans Discovery Program to find one, you can quickly determine which offers carry the best terms and support your financial goals.

The Decline of Opportunity

Located just 30 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, Houma has easy access to the lakes, streams, and swamps that have kept the city fed for centuries. Families have been shrimping, crabbing, fishing, and trapping for generations to support themselves. In the 20th century, people also started to take jobs in oil production and shipping industries as agriculture prices plummeted. This has left Houma in a tough situation where their old way of life can’t support them anymore, and new industries aren’t doing much better.

Income is Low and Costs are High

Based on 2017 census estimates, the poverty rate in Houma runs about 24.8%. This is a sharp increase from the 2000 census when just 20% lived below the line. Household income ran at about $43,178 per year, which was more than $15,000 dollars below the national average. The sad fact of the matter is that amidst a changing world, many Houma residents just aren’t making the money they need to thrive.

A High Risk of Sudden Debts

Low income can be offset if there’s additional financial coverage, but for many residents, that security doesn’t exist. As much as 15.8% of the city’s population didn’t have health insurance in 2017, and that’s a real problem. The per capita income in Houma was only $24,528, while the average cost of healthcare per person was above $10,000 a year in 2018. If a person were hit with an emergency medical bill without coverage, they’d potentially owe over half their income in charges.

No Protection from the Powers that Be

In regions rife with debt and financial hardship, you’re sure to find payday lenders. Within Louisiana, the practice of extending payday loans is legal under Louisiana Revised Statute 9:3578.1. These short-term, high-risk types of transactions permit you to borrow small amounts of money for short periods of time. They most often don’t perform credit checks, approve nearly every application, and hand over money fast. This ensnares many unsuspecting borrowers into a deal that includes:

  • Up to a 780% APR
  • A 16.75% financing rate in addition to a $10 documentation fee
  • A $30 finance charge
  • A maximum term of 60 days
  • A hard limit of $350 in borrowed funds

If you borrowed under those conditions, you’d only receive $320 because of the finance charge, but would still pay back more than double what you borrowed.

Don’t Throw Your Money Away on Money Traps

Often, people think they don’t qualify for anything better than a payday loan, which drives them to make such an unwise decision in the first place. The reality is that you most likely qualify for a better offer than you think. At Loans Now, we have the resources to get the rates you didn’t even know you could access! Hundreds of clients have found the perfect lending offer in Louisiana, and thousands more across the United States!

Terms that Align with Your Needs

As part of our program, we assign a personal consultant to you, who engages with you directly to understand your entire situation. Credit is just the start – we require a 450, but we care more about what you want your money to do for you. Once that’s determined, we compile options that range from hundreds up to thousands of dollars and extend for two to seven years. Our interest rates are some of the most competitive you can find, and we don’t charge any money to access our program. Since our offers are unsecured, you don’t need to promise your car title to receive one of our options.

Financial Protection Where it Counts

Other types of loans obligate you to use the money a certain way. With a personal option, you spend the money on what you want. Whether that’s a hospital bill, to help pay your mortgage, to make repairs to a fishing boat, or something else is up to you. We conduct our search based on the credit score that you report, preventing any hard inquiries and damage to your credit. We also don’t distribute your personal data to any party, so your information remains safe.

The Speed You Need to Meet Your Obligations

Creditors and debt collectors won’t wait on you to get your money, so we don’t delay in getting results. Our search begins with a simple questionnaire which takes no more than five minutes to fill in. Once that’s done, your personal consultant can typically have your options available to review about a day later. Once you’ve made your selection, our network of providers normally has the funds transferred within one to two working days.

Secure Your Future with Unsecured Loans!

Our business was created to help people like you access money quickly and easily. We don’t want to be like the lenders who turn you away for bad credit, nor the payday lenders who rob you blind. Instead, our goal is to provide safe, effective solutions to money problems for people who just need help. We’ve done it for thousands, and we can do it for you! Register with us and see for yourself!

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