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credit check for unsecured personal loan Hopkinsville, Ky.By maintaining a solid foundation of agriculture, while welcoming new businesses, Hopkinsville was able to enjoy a steady pace of growth from 2000 to 2008. But the recession hit the city hard, and to this day, many people are struggling to recover. You may need a personal loan for bad credit in Hopkinsville to offset your loses, and we can help you get it. Our Personal Loan Discovery service helps you compare money offers quickly while maintaining your credit score, and offering options tailored to your unique situation.

A City of Growing Hardships

At the start of the 21st century, Hopkinsville seemed to be doing fairly well. The tobacco market was steady, new businesses were moving in, and people were living in comfort, if not luxury. But over the course of the next dozen years, the city would see a number of events that would leave many of its citizens fighting just to stay ahead of debt.

A Community in Decline

The recession of 2008 decimated Hopkinsville. The loss of jobs and the decline of the tobacco industry drove many people into debt and squalor. By the end of 2017, nearly 7,000 Hopkinsville residents lived below the poverty line. Just over half the city’s population was counted in the labor force, and the total population had declined by nearly 4%.

A Constant Threat from Natural Disasters

In 2006, an F3 class twister tore through Hopkinsville. 28 people suffered injuries and over 200 homes and businesses suffered extensive damages. Thankfully, no one was killed, but many residents suffered a financial blow they still haven’t recovered from. With too little insurance coverage, some people suddenly found themselves desperate for money. For everyone else, it was a reminder that what little they had could be taken from them at any time, without warning.

No Easy Options for Bad Credit

For Hopkinsville residents with bad credit, finding a quality loan in Kentucky can seem impossible. Normal creditors aren’t a great option, since they perform initial inquiries, causing scores to suffer. Even then, they tend not to work with scores below 620. The only other alternative people seem to find are payday and title lenders, who can charge APRs over 450%, and only give around 14 days to pay back the borrowed money. The final result for bad credit loan-seekers is being turned away on one hand and cheated on the other.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way!

Shouldn’t you be able to access money when you need it, despite your bad credit? Shouldn’t you be able to find options that don’t charge you nearly triple the amount that you borrow? Shouldn’t you be able to get money quickly if you endure a natural disaster? We think so, and at Loans Now, we have the answer you’ve been waiting for!

Quality Offers for Bad Credit

We don’t believe that people can be easily summed up by a number, and that’s how we designed our service. We look at your entire situation, not just your score when we shop offers for you. As a result, we’ve helped many customers find offers that:

  • Allowed them to borrow thousands of dollars
  • Allowed several years to repay their debts
  • Find better interest rates than competitors offer
  • Didn’t charge a fee for paying off their debt early
  • Didn’t charge outrageous fees

Under Kentucky Revised Statutes § 360.010, you can’t be charged more than 19% interest on loans under $15,000. Additionally, your offer must be presented to you in writing. We respect your rights under the law and treat you accordingly.

Fast Access to the Money You Need

When disaster strikes, we know you can’t wait for your money to hit your account. With our process, you can potentially have your money in less than a week! It only takes around five minutes to register for our program, and your personally assigned consultant can be ready to discuss your options a day later. Once you’ve decided on an offer, our providers can more often than not have the money available within a few days.

Security for Your Finances

You don’t have to worry about initial credit checks with Loans Now. We let you take care of the inquiry to verify that you have at least the 450 we require. It protects your score and gives us what we need to help you. All of our options are for unsecured loans only – there are no cash advances, car titles, or anything like that changing hands here. We understand that you may not have much, and we want to help you keep what you have.

Enroll Now and Find Your Perfect Offer to Borrow Money!

You shouldn’t have to keep suffering because no one will help you. Everybody goes through some hard patches in life. We’ve been there ourselves, and that’s why we’re here to help you. Our business is all about equipping you with great unsecured loan offers that suit your needs, and we do our absolute best for every customer, every time. Stop being brushed aside or taken advantage off – register for our Discovery program start getting the money you need now!

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