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credit check for unsecured personal loan Hattiesburg, Ms.Since the traditional economy of Hattiesburg was based in manufacturing, the industry decline of the late 20th century left the city struggling to keep money coming in. It hasn’t always been successful, and today, many Hattiesburg residents endure extremely low income and mounting debt. If you’re struggling too, you may be at the point where a personal loan for bad credit in Hattiesburg is the only option you have left. By registering with our Loans Discovery Program, you can find great rates on unsecured lending options and compare them instantly.

Struggling to Get by in Hattiesburg

The majority of jobs operating in Hattiesburg are centered around food production, with several soda-bottling plants calling the city home. The city also has a few hundred jobs based in the finance sector, as well as government positions at Camp Shelby, just south of the town. The issue with Hattiesburg doesn’t seem to be a lack of jobs – it’s that people simply don’t earn enough.

Income That Doesn’t Cover The Cost of Living

While just 4.4% of the population was unemployed as of 2018, in 2017, the poverty ratio in Hattiesburg was projected to be at 34.7%. By that count, over 16,000 people weren’t able to cover the basic costs of living. With an average of just $19,193 per capita income, it’s not hard to see why many of the city’s poorest people have trouble meeting their obligations.

No Coverage for Healthcare

To make matters worse for the city, Hattiesburg had an above average number of people without healthcare coverage in 2017. About 18.9% of the population didn’t have health insurance, and many of the uninsured also lived below the poverty line. For many, a medical emergency represents a no-win situation. On the one hand, many people can’t afford basic health coverage without help from an employer. On the other, average medical expenses can amount to well over $10,000, which most people can’t pay out of pocket.

A Large Concentration of Professional Scam Artists

Backed by new legislation, specifically Mississippi Senate Bill 2409, title lenders have been able to greatly expand their efforts to take even more money from the poor and destitute. The new law allows title lenders to charge a 25% monthly handling fee (separate from interest), up to 10% in late charges on amounts past due, and collect miscellaneous expenses in the event of a default. These include such costs as attorney fees, the collection, storage, and sale of collateral, and a collection fee. The bill was passed with the stated purpose of giving people with bad credit more opportunities to borrow money. In reality, it’s resulted in Mississippians losing more than $290 million in fees and becoming stuck in a carousel of recycling debts.

Don’t Risk Financial Ruin to Cover Your Bills

If you have bad credit, and if you’re folding under the weight of heavy debt, you might believe that a title lender is the only resource you can use. That’s what they want you to think! In reality, you probably qualify to receive a much better offer than you realize, and we can help you find it! Our service matches quality loan offers in Mississippi and throughout the United States to the people who need them most. For over half a million customers, our program has been the answer they were looking for but didn’t think they would ever find.

Money to Pay Off Your Biggest Expenses

If you are facing an enormous medical bill, a couple hundred dollars probably isn’t enough. Additionally, we know that expecting you to repay your loan in a few short months isn’t feasible. That’s why our options:

  • Allow you to borrow thousands
  • Don’t require full repayment for at least two years
  • Carry interest rates much lower than title lenders
  • Don’t entail surrendering your vehicle as collateral
  • Don’t penalize you for paying off your debt early

We don’t charge any fees to use our service, so you don’t have to worry about finding the money to access your preferred options!

No Initial Checks on Your Credit Profile

Our service doesn’t require a hard inquiry to validate your score. We take you at your word and work with the credit score you give us. It allows us to find the right fit for your situation but doesn’t result in your score dropping. Plus, we only need a single check to get multiple offers. You don’t have to endure a new check for each and every offer! On a final note, your information is kept completely confidential with our service. There won’t be any emails, phone calls, or letters from creditors trying to sell you something.

No Waiting for Long Periods on Your Cash

If you’re facing an emergency medical expense or just a large bill that’s coming due, you can’t afford to miss it. We know that, and we don’t make you wait. Our Discovery questionnaire can be completed quickly, and our team usually gets offers back to you within a 24-hour window. For the majority of our lending partners, a business day or so is all it takes to have the money in your hand. You won’t be waiting for us when the bills come due!

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You deserve better than a scam, and you shouldn’t have to suffer because of bad credit. We think you’re worth more, and that’s how we treat you. We started with a mission to achieve success for people struggling with a poor credit rating, and that’s just what we’ve done! Start using our free program to your benefit right now!

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