Bad Credit Loans Harlingen, Tx.

credit check for unsecured personal loan Harlingen, Tx.For drawing new residents, Harlingen has a few things going for it. It was declared the cheapest place to live in the U.S. by CBS News in 2013. It’s also home to both a satellite campus for Texas State Technical College and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine. For all of that, getting by in Harlingen is a struggle for many. If you’re struggling as well, and need a personal loan for bad credit in Harlingen, Loans Now is here for you. Our Loan Discovery service can get you numerous lending offers to compare, at great rates, and without risking your credit.

The Weight of Debt Bears Down on Harlingen

In 2017, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that nearly 30% of Harlingen’s population lived below the poverty line. The per capita income was only $18,251, while household income averaged only $38,122. Combined with the fact that only 56.4% of the population is in the labor force, conditions are ripe for people desperate for money, those who will ignore them, and those who will prey on them.

A Do-Nothing Approach by the State Government

Texas is one of the worst states in the U.S. for protecting citizens from bad financial practices. The laws outlined in Title 4 of the Texas Finance Code specify that creditors must give borrowers at least 10 days to repay their money, and limit interest rates to 10% or less for consumer loans. However, banks and some other financial institutions are exempt from these laws, and there’s a loophole that predators have exploited extensively.

The Loophole That’s Trapping People in Debt

Within the finance code, credit repair organizations are exempt from the laws that govern consumer lenders. By lending money under the pretense of helping people repair their credit, payday and title lenders are able to operate with impunity in Harlingen and across all of Texas. The results speak for themselves, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

  • There were over 1,776 title loan stores in Texas in 2017. By comparison, Georgia only had 375.
  • The APR for Texas payday lenders can range up to 800%
  • The average charge for these loans is $100 for every $500 borrowed
  • Payday and title Lenders collected $1.1 billion in fees from Texas citizens in 2017, more than any other state
  • The average time to pay back a loan in full was just 14 days

Normal Lenders Ignore People with Bad Credit

While normal lenders offer much better rates than payday and title lenders, they’re very difficult to get with bad credit. Most traditional lenders will only let you borrow from them if you have a score of 650 or above. Once you are approved, it can still take between two and four weeks to get your money. To makes matters worse, most traditional lenders want to do an initial inquiry against your credit score. A hard inquiry can cause a great deal to damage to your score, and the damage can grow as you shop for the best deal.

You Need a Way to Compare Bad Credit Lenders Now, Without Wrecking Your Credit

Under normal circumstances, no one in their right mind would work with a payday or title lender. But in a rough economy, with lenders who turn you away because of bad credit, they can seem like the only option. But they aren’t! With our free service, Loans Now can help you save time and find great bad credit loans in Harlingen, across Texas, and in many other states.

Our Service is Safe and Free

While payday and title lenders often require that you pay a cash advance or promise collateral, that’s not the case at Loans Now. Our unsecured lending options don’t require collateral of any kind, and our service is completely free. You’ll never have to send us money for any reason. Additionally, your private information isn’t shared with anyone, and there are no initial hard inquiries. You determine your own score, then report it to us, so there’s no damage to your credit.

Our Rates are Competitive and Fair

We understand that you can’t do much with a $500 loan, that charges high rates, and that you have to pay back within a month. Our options range up to seven years to repay, have much lower interest rates than others, and don’t carry any payoff fees. Additionally, we don’t limit you to $500 at a time. Our vendors are ready to extend up to $70,000 for those who qualify.

Our Service is For People with Bad Credit

Just because you have a bad score, that doesn’t mean we won’t work with you. So long as you have at least a 450, Loans Now can help you. We also move quickly to get you your money, so you can start paying off your debts. Our questionnaire can be completed in minutes, and we often deliver your options by the following business day. In most cases, our lending partners can have your money transferred to you in as little as a day once you’ve agreed to their terms.

Stop Being Ignored – Sign Up for Our Loans Discovery Program Today!

Our business is all about helping people with bad credit rise above their circumstances. Everyone is entitled to have a fair chance to fix their lives, and our whole mission is to provide you with that chance. Stop being ignored by normal lenders because of your bad score, and stop being taken advantage of by predatory scammers. Use our free service and find the loan you deserve right now!

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