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credit check for unsecured personal loan Greenville, NCGreenville is a city that changed almost overnight. Tobacco farming used to be the primary industry, but it’s slowly being phased out by healthcare and education. This has left many farmers struggling to pay their debts and stay out of poverty. If you need a personal loan for bad credit in Greenville to keep your operation going, we can help you. Our Loans Now Discovery system has helped many people compare great unsecured loan options in North Carolina, and across the United States.

Failing Under the Weight of Change

For decades now, private and government health organizations have been pushing for a reduction in tobacco use. While the health risks of tobacco have been proven, the fact remains that many people depend on tobacco, at least to a certain degree, to sustain their livelihood. That fact hasn’t prevented tighter regulations that have reduced tobacco production. These changes have hit Greenville particularly hard.

Farmers Are Losing Their Livelihood

While the Center for Disease Control reported that North Carolina and Kentucky were still producing a lot of tobacco in, almost 70% of the nation’s total in 2015, tobacco farming is shrinking across the country. There were around 180,000 farms in the 1980s but only 10,000 as of 2012. Cigarette sales decreased by 3.5% from 2016 to 2017. What this means is that tobacco companies are paying less per acre than they once did, and some farms just can’t survive.

Less Money Means More Problems

According to the 2010 Census, the poverty level in Greenville was around 26.1%. By 2017, that had grown to 32.1%. Additionally, the median household income shrank from $44,491 to $36,496. As people continue to lose their income, they’re also having to seek out more desperate options to cover their expenses.

Good Options to Borrow Money are Hard to Find

Since payday loans have been outlawed in North Carolina since 2001, this left people with essentially three options to pay their debts. They could either work with traditional lenders, charge their expenses to their credit card, or file for bankruptcy. The result was a merry-go-round of shrinking credit and denied applications.

Anytime you don’t pay off the full balance of a credit card, you accumulate interest. As your debt continues to grow, it becomes more difficult to meet the minimum payments. Missed payments mean that your credit rating will most likely drop. This is what led many Greenville residents to have bad credit. Since most lenders deny money to people with low scores, many started to find themselves with no safe solutions left.

The Solution You Need to Overcome Debt

If you’ve been turned away by lenders, and the debt on your credit card just keeps growing, you’ve probably found yourself in a bad spot. You may think that your only option left is to file for bankruptcy, and lose everything you’ve worked so hard to get. Don’t give up hope just yet! Loans Now’s free Loans Discovery Program can help partner you with a great lender who will work with your bad credit, and quickly get the money you need to recover from debt.

A Safer Option than a Credit Card

People have been getting loans to help them recover from credit card debt for a long time now. In many ways, borrowing money is much safer than charging credit. This is because:

  • You have a flat interest rate that you pay one time
  • Interest rates tend to be lower than credit card rates
  • Your monthly minimum doesn’t change
  • Limits tend to be higher than what a credit card offers
  • There aren’t recurring fees

All of our lending options are unsecured, meaning you’ll never have to give up your car or your home to secure money with us. Since our service is completely free, you’ll never pay us money in any form.

You Don’t Have to Risk Your Score

Most of the time, when you apply through a traditional lender or apply for a credit card, a hard inquiry is made. Certain card companies also make an inquiry when you request an increased credit limit. With our program, there are no initial checks. You tell us your own score, and we use it to compile the best options you qualify for. Your credit isn’t affected, and you get multiple offers, instead of one at a time. If you have a score of 450 or higher, we can help you get the money you’re looking for.

You Get Your Money Faster

Traditional lenders can take as long as 30 days to get you your money. We know you may not have that long to pay your debt, so we work fast for you. Enrolling in our Discovery program takes about five minutes, and we normally have your options ready a day or so later. Once you’re approved, our lending partners can typically have the money ready to transfer in one to two business days. Part of our process is determining how quickly you need your money, and we factor that when we present the best options for you.

Stop Destroying Your Credit – Use Loans Now!

If you’re tired of being trapped in credit card debt and being turned down by the banks and credit unions, we’re here for you. Ours is a free, fast, and easy service that can find options you didn’t even know you qualified for. Don’t keep risking your credit and future on agencies that turn you away! Sign up for our Discovery program, and get the money you need today!

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