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credit check for unsecured personal loan Gastonia, NCAs one of North Carolina’s primary centers for manufacturing, Gastonia has been facing some pretty tough times recently. Layoffs and shutdowns have left many people desperate for money to pay their bills, and there don’t seem to be many credible options to get funding. If you’re one of these unfortunate souls, we can help you find the personal loan for bad credit in Gastonia you need. Our Loan Discovery service was created to provide access to different money-lending options at once, so you could find the best deal, and get your money fast.

Steady Growth Against a Faltering Industry

Between 2000 and 2010, Gastonia experienced a population boom of almost 8.2%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As of 2017, there are an estimated 76,593 people living in Gastonia. While the city has experienced steady growth in terms of population, the same cannot be said for its job market. As one of the epicenters of textile manufacturing, Gastonia has been hit particularly hard by downsizing and efforts by companies to move operations overseas.

A Constant Threat of Becoming Unemployed

While the unemployment rate has certainly improved in Gastonia, it still isn’t great. As of December 2018, it was reported at 3.4%. Even for those who have a job today, there’s no guarantee they’ll have one tomorrow. Parkdale Mills, the most prominent employer in the area, and the largest producer of spun yarns in the world is just one of the companies reducing its workforce. Others have closed factories, laid off hundreds at a time, and moved production to other countries. This has left workers who’ve spent their entire lives in these factories with no other marketable skills, and no other places to turn for work.

Limited Access to Funds in Gastonia

For the majority of people with bad credit in the city, borrowing money is anything but simple. Traditional options typically require a credit range of 600 to 700 to qualify, and many are denied as soon as they apply. To compound the problem, bad credit borrowers are limited in the rate-shopping they can do, since multiple hard inquiries will only damage their credit more. Even those getting approved are finding that it takes weeks for their money to transfer. That’s time wasted where bills aren’t being paid and credit card interest continues to build.

A Well-Meaning Government That Limits Options

Since 2001, North Carolina has officially outlawed the practice of offering payday and title loans. This was done in an effort to protect citizens and curtail growing debt. While it achieved both of those goals to a certain extent, it also took away one of the few options left for citizens with bad credit. Payday and title lenders often don’t require a credit check to qualify for their services and will work with just about anyone. Though their terms often led to further financial turmoil for their clients, it was at least an option people could consider. Now, all that’s left seems to be the traditional vendors who already denied their applications.

You Need an Option You Can Actually Use

With the threat of unemployment always looming over you, difficulty in getting access to normal sources of funds, and limited options that accept bad credit, you may be feeling pretty hopeless. You’re desperate for something, anything, that will allow you to borrow some money just long enough to get your life back on track. At Loans Now, we believe that everyone should be able to borrow the money they need to improve their situation.

Money to Use Where You Need It Most

Our specialty is providing unsecured personals loan options for Gastonia, the rest of North Carolina, and the contiguous United States. Personal requests mean that the money can be used for a variety of purposes. Common reasons people take out personal loans include:

  • Repairing damaged credit
  • Improving a home
  • Paying off credit card balances
  • Covering emergency medical procedures
  • Making repairs or alterations to personal vehicles

With a personal lending option, it’s up to you how you use the funds.

The Amount You Need When You Need It

Unlike many lenders who limit the amount you can borrow with bad credit, we partner with providers willing to extend thousands of dollars to people who meet their criteria. Our process is quick and so are our partners. Within a matter of days, you can potentially have multiple offers to compare, select the one that fits your needs, and have the money delivered to your account. We know you can’t drag your feet about paying bills, so we don’t drag ours either.

A Safe Option that Won’t Damage Your Credit

By far one of the best perks of our service is the ability to compare lenders with no initial credit inquiry. By providing your own credit score, you give us the information we need to shop great offers for you, without your score dropping any lower. We also don’t share your personal data with third parties, so your information stays safe, and you don’t have to ward off unwanted emails or phone calls. Best of all, we provide all of the above to you at absolutely no cost!

Secure Your Future with a Loans Now Offer Today!

You don’t have to live at the mercy of a job market that can shift overnight, or keep begging to lenders who ignore you because of your score. With Loans Now, you can enjoy great offers while protecting your score, and get the amount you need to improve your financial standing. The best things in life are free, and our Loans Discovery program is no exception. Sign up for our free service, and let us get you some great offers that you can start using today!

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