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credit check for unsecured personal loan Fredericksburg, Va.Fredericksburg has enjoyed a reputation as one of the best tourist destinations in the United States. It’s helped the city establish a sturdy economy that endured the 2007 Great Recession relatively well, and continues to this day. But nothing’s perfect, and many Fredericksburg residents continue to grapple with poverty. You might be considering whether a personal loan for bad credit in Fredericksburg is the right decision for you. It’s one of the best decisions you can make to get out of debt, and we can help you find the best offers out there! Loans Now Discovery was created to pair our clients with the best lending options available, based on their unique situation.

A Historic City with Modern Problems

The Fredericksburg Historic District draws over 1.5 million visitors a year to tour 40-blocks of cultural landmarks within the city. The city has also become a major center for healthcare in the region as well. Between these two dominate industries, Fredericksburg has a lot of cash coming into the city every year. Despite that, many residents don’t see much of that money coming into their bank accounts.

The Poor in Fredericksburg Still Suffer

Fredericksburg’s made big strides in bringing jobs into the area. Unemployment peaked at 10.4% in 2010 but had dropped to just 3.1% by the end of 2018. But while the labor market has grown to meet the demand, wage growth has not. Estimates from 2017 rate about 16.3% of the population as living at or below the poverty line. For over 4,600 Fredericksburg residents, financial security is just a pipe dream.

Credit Card Debt is a Growing Problem

Virginia had the distinction of being in the top 20 worst states for credit card debt in 2018. Business Insider reports that Virginia households, including those in Fredericksburg, carried an average debt load of $7,867. By comparison, the national average was $5,700. Credit cards often carry extensive interest rates and steep charges for people who fail to make their payments on time. They’re one of the leading causes of both debt and bad credit in the U.S.

The Government Can’t Seem to Stop Shady Lenders

In 2008, the Virginia Legislature passed HB 12, the Payday Loan Act. The measure was designed to limit the amount of interest and finance charges that payday lenders could demand from Virginia citizens, and completely barred them from lending to military members or their spouses. So what did the payday lenders do? They became title lenders. There’s currently no regulation that’s specific to title lending, and as a result, these businesses have been able to:

  • Charge a nearly 268% APR on the average loan
  • Collect over $252 million in fees each year from Virginians
  • Take possession of over 14,000 vehicles in 2017
  • Limit repayment timelines to less than a year
  • Limit the amount they lend to 50% of the vehicle value

The practice may be different, but the result is the same. Virginians are paying far more than they should for a deal that may very well push them further into debt.

You Don’t Have to Settle for Scams or Debt

Title lenders may seem like a tempting option to help you settle credit card and other debt. There aren’t any credit checks and you get your money fast. But the risk to your finances just isn’t worth it. Instead, you can get much better results, with far cheaper rates, using an unsecured bad credit loan. Loans Now is a team of finance experts specializing in unsecured, personal lending options. With our Discovery program, we can help you find the perfect way to safely settle your debts!

You Can Get Terms that Fit Your Situation

You may not need to borrow just a few hundred dollars or you may need several thousand. We have options that address both needs, with limits ranging from $500 up to $70,000. Our APR is capped at 35%, and we don’t require your car title to find your lending solution. The least amount of time you’ll have to pay your debt is two years, but we also have options for three, five, and seven-year repayments. Our service is also completely free to use, so you won’t lose a thing if you decide our offers don’t meet your needs.

You Can Protect Your Score and Potentially Improve It

We do require a 450 credit score to work with you but we’ll take your word for it. We only require a current score from you to start the search process, and that single self-check gets you access to multiple offers at one time! You both protect your credit and save time with our service. Since our rates are frequently much better than what you get with a credit card, you have a much higher likelihood of meeting your obligations on time, which can boost your score!

You Can Get Your Money When You Need It

If you max out your credit card, you can’t use it again until the next billing cycle. If you take out a title loan, that’s the only one you get until the life cycle is over. Both are terrible options and don’t address your real problem. With us, the case is usually that you complete your registration, review your offers, and have your money in a matter of days! It’s safer than a credit card or title lender, and far more effective at helping you settle your debts!

Skip the Credit Card and Title Trap – Use Loans Now!

Our purpose is to match people with financial solutions that help them achieve their goals. To date, we’ve successfully matched more than half a million people with the opportunity they needed. With a network of great lenders in Virginia and across the U.S., we have no doubt we can find the right option for you too! Sign up today and get the solution to your financial problems now!

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