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credit check for unsecured personal loan Florence, SCSince it started moving away from railroad transportation and farming as its primary industries, Florence has been able to achieve a rate of growth that far outpaces other small cities in America. It’s been consistently regarded as one of the best small metropolitan areas for businesses and job-seekers alike. That doesn’t mean that everyone in Florence is living in comfort, though. A personal loan for bad credit in Florence may be exactly what you need to solve your problems, and we can help you get it! Through our Loans Discovery Program, you can access options that have been matched to your specific needs, allowing you to get the best rates possible!

A Booming Economy That Not Everyone Enjoys

Starting in the late 2000s, Florence started welcoming businesses that specialized in commerce, health services, finance, and retail to diversify its economy. This allowed the city to inject a fresh flow of money and helped improve the infrastructure all over the city. But nothing is perfect, and despite the boom, Florence still has many people who barely scrape by.

A Slowing Rate of Poverty that Still Impacts Many

Since 2010, Florence has struggled to keep poverty rates at a manageable level. The ratio peaked in 2014 when the U.S. Census estimated that over a quarter of Florence’s populace lived below the federal poverty line. As of 2017, the ratio was down to 17.4%, a massive improvement, but still far from perfect. That’s nearly 7,000 people fight a daily battle just to pay their bills.

No Access to Money for People with Bad Credit

For many lenders, bad credit equals a risk that’s too great to chance. The assumption they tend to make is that people with bad credit are irresponsible, don’t take the time to educate themselves about credit, or simply don’t care. It’s an unfair stereotype, but it’s prevalent nonetheless. For the average person just trying to borrow a little money, it means their applications are denied almost as soon as they’re filed. The only real consideration given is a check on a person’s credit, which most often lowers it.

Scammers Posing as Saints

There are few financial risks you can take in life as borrowing from a payday lender. You may have heard them called short term supervised lenders, but the setup is the same. You borrow no more than $550 at a time, pay upwards of a 390% APR, plus up to 15% financing fees, and have no more than 31 days to repay. Plus, in order to qualify under the short term lending model, bypassing the restrictions of South Carolina Code 34-31-20, lenders also demand that you promise some kind of collateral to secure your money. If you default, which is very likely, your collateral is gone, and you need a new transaction to pay off the old one. It’s a legal trap that has made victims of over 700,000 South Carolina residents since 2013.

We Are a Better Way to Borrow Money

From ready the preceding paragraphs, you might think there aren’t any options left for Florence residents with bad credit to safely borrow money. That isn’t the case! With our Discovery Program, Loans Now has been able to access thousands of outstanding lending solutions for South Carolina, and people all across the nation!

Access An Offer That You Can Afford

When we find offers for you, we match them against your location, the amount you need, and several other factors. Our goal is to present different options for you to compare, and find a solution that suits your needs perfectly! We’ve helped thousands of people access personal loans that:

  • Ranged up to thousands of dollars
  • Gave them years to pay off
  • Carried interest rates far lower than many competitors
  • Don’t require any type of collateral
  • Don’t incur a prepayment penalty

With our free service, you can access what you really need, with terms that won’t leave you starved for more money.

Secure Your Credit Rating

We may require a 450 score in order to work with you but we’re not going to risk your score by making an initial check ourselves. Our process is set up to allow you to communicate your credit rating to us. It protects your standing, yet gives us the information we need to find your ideal match. Additionally, any information you share with us is kept under lock and key. You’ll never get a phone call, email, or letter with unsolicited offers when you use our service.

Fast Delivery on Your Funds

We know that debt collectors won’t stop calling just because you don’t have money. Therefore, we don’t delay in getting your money quickly. Once you’ve taken the few minutes it takes to complete our form, your personally assigned expert will start shopping your matched offers. They’re normally ready within a day. Our lender partners also understand how urgent it is that you get money, and typically fund requests in as little as two days.

Overcome Your Personal Debts with Loans Now!

With a free service that presents options tailored to your needs, doesn’t risk your credit, and works quickly to get your money, there’s no excuse to not use our Discovery program! Our mission in life is to connect people with bad credit to great offers they can use to rise above their circumstances, and nothing else. Don’t keep spinning your wheels on scams and uncaring lenders! Use our service today!

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