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credit check for unsecured personal loan Fargo, NDAs the most populated city in the state of North Dakota, Fargo has a lot going for it. A strong economy, low unemployment, and consistent growth of new businesses have helped the city enjoy a level of stability that’s growing scarce in America. That being said, no city is without financial problems, and Fargo is no exception. For finding the personal loan for bad credit in Fargo you might need to settle your debts, Loans Now is your best resource! Our Discovery Program helps people find their perfect option to borrow money, with a process that’s both quick and easy!

Economic Stability, with a Catch

Until recently, Fargo’s economy was based almost entirely in agriculture. As the farming and cash crops industries shrunk, Fargo welcomed in businesses focused on food production, technology, education, health services, and other diverse industries. This new variety of trades helped the city keep up with a changing landscape, and kept the money flowing. Unfortunately, not all of Fargo’s residents are reaping the benefits.

Poverty Still Has a Foothold in the City

When people talk about poverty, they tend to reference the percentage alone. After all, a 13.9% poverty rate doesn’t sound so bad, does it? That was Fargo’s rate as of 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. However, 13.9% still translated to over 17,000 people living below the poverty line. When you look at it in terms of individual lives, 13.9% still means that plenty of people can barely afford to live.

People are Paying for Success with Credit

Even financially successful people in Fargo, and elsewhere in North Dakota, haven’t always been able to survive on income alone. A Business Insider report revealed that North Dakota had the 11th highest amount of credit card debt in the nation in 2018. The average North Dakota citizen had about $8,450 in debt. This is especially troubling since credit cards are already one of the leading causes of bad credit scores in the U.S. Having so much accumulated debt makes it far more likely that people will miss a payment, causing their credit scores to plummet further.

“Safe” Credit Options Aren’t Safe at All

The reason that payday lenders have so much success is simple: they don’t care about credit. For people with bad credit, being able to access money fast, despite their poor credit, is a dream come true. The problem is that these types of loans can pose even more risk to your credit rating than a credit card or a normal loan. Here’s why:

  • Per North Dakota Century Code 13-08, payday lenders can only offer you $500 at a time
  • They can only give you up to 60 days to repay your debt
  • They can (and often do) charge up to a 520% APR
  • The can charge up to 20% plus a standard rate to finance your request
  • They can charge a fee of up to 20% of the amount if you need a renewal

Under these conditions, the common scenario is that people borrow money at a rate of more than twice the amount they need. They often default and become indebted to the lender. They then have to extend or request more money (at a higher rate). Plus, if you default or miss your payments, that gets reported to the credit bureaus. Your score suffers anyway.

Borrowing Money Doesn’t Have to Be So Risky

If you already have a lot of outstanding credit, and you don’t want to risk a payday lender, what’s left? Most banks require high credit scores to qualify for their offers, and you probably won’t qualify. The solution you really need are options that allow you to borrow money, despite your bad credit. Loans Now is the place to find them! To date, we’ve found loans in North Dakota and all across the country for over 500,000 very satisfied borrowers, and we’re ready to make it happen for you!

We’re Much Safer Than Payday Lenders and Credit Cards

With our options, you can access the amount of money you actually need, and not have to give up your whole paycheck to afford it. We can access amounts between $500 and $70,000, with no less than two years before your final repayment is due. For many, the interest rate will be much lower than what you find on a credit card, and definitely lower than you get with a payday lender. Plus, once your monthly payment is calculated, it won’t change, making it easier to manage.

We Actually Protect Your Credit

Even though we do require at least a 450 to access our program, that doesn’t mean we’re going to hurt your score to check. We give you a free option to relay your score to us, equipping us to do our job but not impacting your credit report. We also don’t disclose your information to anyone, so there won’t be any unsolicited checks on your score or offers that you didn’t ask for.

We Don’t Make You Wait

We recognize that most people looking to borrow don’t need their money in a few weeks. We optimized our process so that it’s as fast and simple as we can possibly make it. It takes just a few minutes and some basic information to get the process going, and you can normally count on your offers being returned within a day at most. From there, you’ll only be waiting another day or so in most instances to have your money. The whole cycle can take as little as three days!

Get the Offer That’s Right for You with Loans Now!

There’s no reason to keep risking your credit and your finances just because you need a loan. With our free process, you get the best options available, in far less time, for far less risk, all for free. So, what’s stopping you? Sign up for the Discovery program now, and start protecting your assets today!

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