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credit check for unsecured personal loan Erie, Pa.Erie has faced some real challenges as the country has evolved. As a city built on manufacturing, the decline of the late 20th century hit the city hard. For many Erie residents, recovery has been slow, and money has been hard to come by. You might require a personal loan for bad credit in Erie to get the money you need, but how can you find it? Our Loans Discovery Program can help you find the great lending offers you need to help recover your losses! With just a few data points, we can match you with money offers that match your criteria, and move quickly to get the funds transferred to your account!

Fewer Jobs and Fewer Options to Find Money

At one time, Erie was a manufacturing giant. Factories produced steel and iron goods all over the city, and the people prospered. But by the end of the 1990s, nearly all the major factories had closed, and many people started to leave. Since then, several smaller businesses specializing in plastics have moved in. They’ve made a small dent in the downturn, but much of Erie still struggles.

Unemployment Remains High

In 2010, Erie’s unemployment rating peaked at over 11%. As of December 2018, it had settled at around 4.4%. Things may have gotten better in Erie, but just having jobs doesn’t mean people are making enough money. The U.S. Census estimated that 26.8% of the population was living in poverty at the end of 2017. That’s much higher than the 19% reported in 2010 when unemployment was at its peak. The data doesn’t lie – jobs are coming back to Erie, but the money people need to survive isn’t.

People Seeking Help Aren’t Finding It

The loss of sustainable income has many people in Erie trying to borrow money to pay their debts. The issue is that bad credit scores are blocking their access. Many lenders classify people with poor credit as too risky to work with. Compounding the problem is that lenders are also waiting until after they’ve performed a credit check to deny people their money. This has resulted in credit scores deteriorating for loan-seekers, without giving them anything in return.

There Don’t Seem to Be Any Alternatives

Per Pennsylvania code 63 Penn Stat. Ann. § 2325, check cashers, another term for payday lenders, are officially prohibited in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania legislature realized that payday lending would just lead to more problems for people already struggling with debt, and took steps to protect their citizens. It was a good decision to make, but it did have one drawback. Payday and title lenders are often the only ones willing to lend money without a credit check. Without them, the only option that Pennsylvania residents seem to have are traditional lenders, the same ones who turn people with bad credit away.

There Are Still Great Options for You

We know that nothing in life is easy when you’re struggling to pay your bills. You may believe you don’t have any options left except to accept your misery or move towards bankruptcy. If that’s what you’re thinking, stop! Our Loans Discovery Program was made just for people like you! We can help you find a great loan in Pennsylvania, or in any of the 48 contiguous states, where you need money. And we can do it for free!

We Give You Options That Others Won’t

In contrast to most credit agencies, we’re fully prepared to work with bad credit. We extend offers for scores of 450 and above, and in many cases, our terms are better than what others are offering. For example:

  • You’re not limited to just a few hundred dollars
  • You’re not charged excessive interest rates
  • You’re not obligated to offer collateral
  • You’re not restricted to a few months to repay
  • You’re not fined for paying your loan off in advance

Our offers are all about helping people with bad credit access great deals that they can realistically afford but still give them what they need to succeed.

We Don’t Endanger Your Credit

If we required initial credit checks, we’d be no better than the lenders who have turned you away. Our system is designed around a self-reporting structure, which allows you to verify the score that we use to shop for offers on your behalf. One check is enough to access multiple offers, and self-checks don’t result in lost points. You can finally compare your best options without jeopardizing your score!

We Get You Your Money Quickly

You due dates aren’t going to shift just because you don’t have money, so we don’t dawdle. We structured our questionnaire to be completed in six minutes or less. We can get your results back to you by the following day in most instances. We’re also partnered with providers who work as fast as we do, and they typically have money transferred to you in no more than 48 hours. If you miss a payment, it won’t be because you were waiting on us!

Get the Solution You Desire Today!

You don’t have to keep relying on businesses that deny you help because of bad credit. Our solutions were tailored to help people in the same situation as you. We’ve achieved great results for more than half a million customers, and we can help you achieve success too.

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