Bad Credit Loans El Paso, TX.

credit check for unsecured personal loan El Paso, Tx.Despite its booming local economy, many people in the west Texas town of El Paso still struggle to pay their bills. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that as of 2017, the average income for a household was only $44,431 per household, while nearly a quarter of the population lived in poverty. If you’re struggling, finding a good personal loan for bad credit in El Paso can seem like a tall order. Our Loans Now Discovery service was created just for people like you! We allow you to compare multiple offers options to borrow money with bad credit in one sitting, saving you time while avoiding scams and bad offers.

El Paso Residents Face Greater Challenges Than Others

Opportunities for employment in El Paso may be great, but plenty of people still struggle with debt. Certain sectors of the economy are also very susceptible to changing conditions that can leave people without pay for weeks at a time. These two conditions create the perfect environment for predatory financial agencies who want to take advantage of other people’s’ misfortune.

A Workforce at the Mercy of Government Funding

El Paso has one of the largest concentrations of military and federal employees in the United States. The U.S. Army’s Fort Bliss and William Beaumont Army Medical Center are both located in El Paso, as well as several centers for the DEA and the U.S. Border Patrol. What all of these agencies have in common is that anytime the government shuts down, there is a severe risk that these employees will work without pay.

A Lack of Government Oversight

Under the provisions of Title 4, Chapter 302 of the Texas Finance Code, interest rates for consumer loans in Texas can’t rise above 10%. However, they say nothing about fees, term limits, and other lending factors. Additionally, Title 3, Chapter 34 allows banks to charge any amount of interest and fees they want. El Paso joined with 35 Texas other cities in 2015 to create their own ordinances to regulate lending agencies, but it hasn’t completely protected borrowers from shady practices.

A Constant Threat from Bad Lenders

Texas is one of the most friendly states in the U.S. to payday and title lenders. The loose regulations mean they often partner with banks, declare that they are a credit repair organization, and can charge whatever they want. It’s allowed them to skirt the law and charge very high interest rates, fees, and set very short deadlines to repay your debt. The Center for Responsible Lending reported that Texas citizens paid over $1.1 billion in 2017 on interest and fees to these lenders, ranking #1 in the U.S.

You Don’t Have to Live at the Mercy of Bad Credit

All of these challenges may have you feeling like you don’t have any safe options to get money in the state of Texas. To get the best deal, you’ve got to find someone willing to work with your bad credit, while protecting your score, and get your money safely and fast. That’s why Loans Now exists! Our sole purpose is to help you find great lending options that won’t damage your credit, and that gets you money very quickly.

We Can Get You the Money You Need Now

The process of finding a lender can take days, if not weeks. Even then, it can take lenders several weeks to get the money to you. With our service, you save time both time and heartache. Some of our features include:

  • Providing multiple lenders to compare in one sitting
  • A registration process that’s simple and takes only minutes to complete
  • Sending offers to your inbox with one to two business days after registration
  • Our great providers usually have the funds ready to transfer within 24 hours
  • A personally assigned consultant who works directly with you to navigate your lending options

Your Information is Private and Your Credit Score is Safe

We understand that you’re probably not getting a loan because you want to. Seeking a loan shouldn’t mean that your credit score has to suffer more than it already has. With our service, there’s no initial hard inquiry against your score. To verify that you meet at least the minimum score of 450 we require, we give you the tools you need to check it yourself, without damaging your credit. We also don’t give out your information – no more phone calls or emails with offers that you don’t want.

You Enjoy Competitive Rates

There’s already enough shady lending offers being made in Texas – we’re not interested in adding to the pile. We present options for loans ranging as low as $500 up to as high as $70,000. Our interest rates are much lower than the 300% APR you commonly see with payday and title lenders. Also, since our service is free, you’ll never pay us anything in any form. If you don’t like the options we provide, you can walk away at any time, free of charge.

Let Loans Now Find You Great Options to Borrow Money Now!

With a free service that lets you compare multiple offers at once, protects your score, and won’t cost you a penny, there’s no good reason not to use our Loans Discovery Program. We’ve helped many people with bad credit get access to the money they need to put their lives back on track. We’re eager to help you too, so register for our discovery program and let us help you get the money you need right now!

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