Bad Credit Loans Dothan, AL.

credit check for unsecured personal loan Dothan, Al.As the self-declared “Peanut Capital of the World,” Dothan has built an enduring economy based on agricultural pursuits. However, even as the average income level has increased in the city, so too has the number of people living in poverty. You might need a personal loan for bad credit in Dothan to help get back on your feet. If you do, we have the perfect resource! The Loans Discovery Program partners you with one of our financial consultants who finds offers for you, helps you compare and contrast each one, and choose the best option, for absolutely no charge!

Peanuts and Poverty

Dothan is well-known for its production of peanuts, and it’s the number one source of revenue for the city. The city even hosts the annual National Peanut Festival to celebrate all things related to peanuts. Tomato production is also a major industry in Dothan, as is healthcare. Despite the diverse economy that keeps the city flourishing, some people have found that their lives have gotten harder as the years have gone by.

Growing Debt in a Stable Economy

Even as the city has grown steadily, albeit slowly, more people are finding that they just can’t seem to stay ahead. As of the 2010 census, about 17.5% of the population was living below the poverty line, with an average household income of $42,124. By the close of 2017, around 19.7% were living in poverty, despite household income growing to around $43,316. The simple truth is that Dothan may have a strong local economy, but unless wages start matching the rate of inflation, these Dothan residents will continue to fail.

Regular Options Just Don’t Work

Dothan residents need money to help offset the growing debts they are accumulating. For those with bad credit, though, money is hard to come by. Many creditors and lenders, particularly banks, won’t work with anything less than a good credit score. To add insult to injury, most financial institutions think nothing of making an initial inquiry, even though it impacts scores. It prevents Dothan residents with bad credit from being able to gather multiple offers before making a decision.

Alternate Options Are Even Worse

The most harmful option that people with financial problems can take is a payday loan. Payday lenders may work with no credit, guarantee you’ll get money, and fund your request quickly, but it’s not worth the risk. Due to extensive lobbying, these lenders convinced the Alabama Legislature to pass the Deferred Presentment Services Act. Under this new act, payday lenders can demand up to 456.25% APR for their services, while giving no more than 31 days to repay, so long as they don’t lend more than $500 at a time. These terms have resulted in people quickly defaulting on their loan, then requiring an extension or new agreement to pay off the debt. It keeps people locked in a cycle of rotating debt, that many don’t ever truly pay off.

You Don’t Have to Use Payday Lenders to Get Money

You might think that using a payday store is the only way you can get money. After all, traditional creditors turned you away, and you can’t afford to let your credit score worsen, so what’s left? The answer is Loans Now. We’ve helped over 500,000 people, including many citizens of Alabama, find quality offers to borrow money that they could actually afford, gave them the money they need, and kept their credit safe.

Our Options Work for You

It doesn’t make sense to charge people amounts you know they can’t pay. We don’t endorse payday practices, and we don’t offer them as options. We specialize in unsecured personal lendings options that extend:

  • Dollar amounts in the high ten thousands
  • Interest rates far below what others charge
  • Three or more years to repay
  • No requirement to give up your car
  • No charges if you pay your money back early

We know that you probably don’t have a lot of spare money to spend on finding great deals, and that’s why you’ll never have to pay us for our work.

Our Options Protect Your Rating

Since you can’t afford to risk your credit rating, we don’t make you take any initial risks. You can tell us your own score to help us get started, and that single report gets you multiple offers. You don’t have to have a new check performed for each and every option! Also, we respect that bad credit is a point of embarrassment for many borrowers. We protect your information at all times and don’t give it out to anybody.

Our Options Work Fast

Money that comes after the due date on your bills doesn’t help you. We recognize that, and we don’t make you wait to get your money The initial questionnaire can be completed in as little as five or so minutes. Offers are typically matched and ready for discussion with your consultant around 24 hours after your questionnaire is submitted. Finally, our network of lenders usually has your request funded in less than two business days. The whole process can last less than a week, getting you the money you need quickly!

Find the Money You Need With Loans Now Today!

No matter what anyone tells you, you always have options. You don’t have to resort to payday lenders, and you don’t have to let creditors destroy your score with numerous inquiries. You can get a safe, substantial unsecured loan quickly, without damaging your score. Our Discovery program is the way to do it, so fill out your questionnaire and let us start working for you today!

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