Bad Credit Loans Corpus Christi, TX.

credit check for unsecured personal loan Corpus Christi, Tx.If you’re seeking a personal loan for bad credit in Corpus Christi, you’ve got your work cut out for you. With unemployment hovering around 4.3% as of the 2017 census, there’s plenty of demand for lenders who will work with bad or poor credit. But with that demand, comes plenty of risks. We created our Loans Discovery Program so that people could safely compare different options to borrow money, absolutely free of charge. To date, we’ve helped many people just like you get the money they need, quickly and efficiently.

Trouble in a Growing City

Corpus Christi has always been a city built on the strength of its retail, wholesale, and shipping industries, as well as the government sector jobs based in the city. Since 2010, the city has experienced substantial growth and prosperity. However, for certain portions of the population, all it takes is one bad series of events for disaster to strike.

A Constant Risk for Government Workers

As the largest single employer in Corpus Christi, Naval Air Station Corpus Christi employees about 6,200 civilians. Anytime that the federal government enters a shutdown, there is a chance that every single federal employee could be furloughed without pay. Even if they receive back pay, which isn’t guaranteed, federal employees still have to fend for themselves so long as the government is closed.

A Hands-Off Government

As far as regulations to protect borrowers from bad banking and lending practices go, Texas has practically nothing. The Texas Finance Code clarifies that interest rates on consumer loans must be capped at 10% and that lenders give at least 10 days to repay a loan, but that’s the extent of it. There’s nothing that regulates fees, collateral, and other aspects of a loan. Additionally, many lenders are able to easily bypass the 10% cap on interest rates with a simple trick.

A Growing Number of “Credit Repair Agencies”

The simple trick many “no credit check” lenders, such as payday and title lenders, use to bypass the law is by partnering with banks or another financial institution. They also call themselves “credit repair organizations,” instead of lenders. The Texas finance code doesn’t restrict interest rates, lending terms, or fees with banks. By partnering with them, no credit check lenders offer Corpus Christi loans with limits around $500, APRs between 300% and 600%, and grossly high fees. Many also require a form of collateral, such as your vehicle title, to secure your money. The worst part is that many will only give you about 30 days, at most, to repay your loan.

You Need a Fast, Safe Way to Access Bad Credit Loans in Corpus Christi

For all the good that Corpus Christi offers, there’s plenty of opportunities to fall into debt. With the largest single collection of employees in the city constantly in danger of losing their paycheck, little oversight from the state government, and plenty of “credit repair organizations” waiting to take advantage, getting a loan with poor to fair credit may seem impossible. It would be great if there was a way to compare safe lenders instantly, with a system that didn’t impose outrageous interest rates, and could get you money fast. Loans Now’s Personal Loan Discovery Program is the solution you’ve been desperate to find!

A Safe Way to Compare Lenders

Loans Now has two main priorities – connect you with third-party lenders who will get your money quickly, and keep your financial profile safe. We achieve those objectives in several ways:

  • We never share your information with outside parties.
  • Even though we require at least a 450 credit score, we don’t do the initial check.
  • We give you a way to verify your score for free, then you tell us what your score is.
  • We don’t take money from you in any way.
  • We assign a personal consultant who will work with you directly to understand your circumstances and help you compare lending options.

A Reputable Service You Can Depend On

We don’t try to hide behind the title of credit repair agency. We’re a lending access business, specializing in unsecured personal loans, plain and simple. We don’t like payday or title lenders, and we don’t partner with them. Our options for unsecured loans in Texas and any of the 48 contiguous states don’t require collateral. You’ll also get a minimum of at least two years to repay your loan. This isn’t a business where you have to repay everything by the time your next paycheck rolls around.

Fast Access to the Money You Need

We understand that you’re not seeking a loan because you necessarily want to and that you don’t have time to wait for funds to come in. Every second counts, and we’re here to help you make the process of borrowing money quick and simple. Completing our Loans Discovery form takes only a few minutes, and we can get your lending offers in as little as one business day. In the majority of cases, our third-party lenders are able to fund your request with one business day as well. For government employees suffering a shutdown, and anyone else who needs money quickly, ours is the fastest service you’re going to find for accessing money safely.

Get the Money You Need with Our Loans Discovery Program

For getting money quickly, keeping your credit profile secure, and avoiding a deal that will leave you worse off than before, our service is the best option you can get. It’s quick, simple, and safe. In a very short time, you can access anywhere from $500 to $70,000, from a quality lender who understands your situation. Don’t keep wasting time pursuing options that aren’t safe – visit our Loans Discovery page, and let us help you find the safe lending options you need today!

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