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credit check for unsecured personal loan Colorado Springs, Co.With a strong military presence surrounding the city, Colorado Springs has flourished with jobs and money centered around the defense industry. That doesn’t mean that everyone is prospering, though. Government and military members face some hardships that others don’t. To safely find a personal loan for bad credit in Colorado Springs, our free Loan Discovery Program is the perfect choice. We compile multiple lending offers that match your criteria, and help you through the process to choose the one that’s right for you!

Financial Hardship for Military Families

Military service members and their families make up a large portion of the Colorado Springs population. Between the U.S. Army’s Fort Carson, the Air Force Academy, and three operational Air Force installations, the area is home to more than 36,052 military personnel. With such a large government presence in the area, you’d think that people would always be financially secure, but you’d be wrong.

A Struggle to Stay Ahead of Debt

What many people don’t realize is just how little money many service members actually make. Because the military provides free healthcare, free food, and free housing in many situations, soldiers and airmen can be paid substantially less than their civilian counterparts. A brand new service member with less than two years in service made just around $19,656 a year in 2018. Many services are provided free of charge, but military members still have to make payments on car loans, car insurance, school supplies, and moving expenses just like everybody else.

Funds Can Be Cut at Any Time

Salaries for both military members and government workers are covered in the federal budget. In the event that a budget or resolution fails to pass, the money stops flowing. For those in the government sector, this can lead to weeks of working without pay or being furloughed completely. During times when the government shuts down, families can face the threat of eviction or having their car repossessed. It’s led to many predatory characters, such as payday lenders, setting up shop right outside the post gate. Colorado law limits these lenders to 45% maximum interest, but only if you don’t agree to higher terms, in writing.

More Than Money on the Line

The military works with a lot of sensitive data. In order to ensure that information remains as safe as possible, security clearances are issued for many positions in both the military and Department of Defense. As part of the screening process, a financial background check is performed. Having bad credit can result in a security clearance being denied or revoked. This, in turn, can stunt career progression, and severely limit your opportunities to advance. As a result, many who struggle with bad credit and debt don’t ever seek the help they desperately need.

You Don’t Have to Suffer in Silence

If you’re working in the government sector, you may think your only option is to keep your mouth shut and scrape a living out of whatever you manage to save. You don’t want to risk getting stuck with a bad deal or having people find out about your credit. You don’t have to do either! With Loans Now, you can find the money you need without risking your privacy to get it.

Offers Based on Your Criteria

Our mission is to provide tailored solutions for your money problems. No two people have the same situation, so we don’t offer cookie cutter answers. Our terms are variable based on what you need, and you can receive:

  • Amounts for tens of thousands of dollars
  • Interest rates that match your situation
  • Years to pay off your loan
  • No fees for early payoffs
  • No collateral required

We neither respect payday lenders nor work with them. We offer collateral-free lending options at no charge to you, and nothing else.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We understand why you need to keep your bad credit quiet, and we’re here to support you. We don’t require an initial check on credit to use our service. You can verify that you meet the 450 minimum for yourself. We keep all of your information strictly confidential at all times. You can access the money you need, and options to improve your credit rating, without everybody finding out about it.

We Work Fast Because You Depend On It

If you ever have to work without pay, you’ll need money to support your family until the government can sort itself out. This can take weeks, but you probably can’t wait that long. Our process takes mere minutes to register for, and we often have your solutions ready for review a day later. In most cases, our financial partners can have your money ready to spend within one to two business days after you select an offer.

Achieve Your Financial Goals with Loans Now Today!

As a former 19K, our founder is very familiar with the struggles that our nation’s military families have to endure. As our way of saying thank you, we’re proud to provide safe, effective options that you can use to recover from debt and start rebuilding your credit. We offer great lending options all across Colorado and much of the United States. Wherever your next duty station is, or wherever you go after separation, we’ll be there for you. Use our free service to your advantage, and find the solution you’ve been seeking today!

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