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credit check for unsecured personal loan Clarksville, Tn.As a neighbor to the U.S. Army’s Fort Campbell, Clarksville has long been associated with government and military service, patriotism, and stability. But the sad truth is that not everything is stable for everyone as it seems. There are plenty of people who need a personal loan for bad credit in Clarksville, and that’s why we exist. Our Loans Discovery Program was created so that people with bad credit could access options to get money, avoid damaging their score, and get a fair offer.

There’s a Lot of Risk in the Home of the Screaming Eagles

You would think that a stable job, with a regular paycheck, would all but guarantee that people working in the government sector would be secure. The reality is that these service members and their families face greater challenges, and carry more burdens than nearly any other demographic. It can make it difficult to sustain their finances and do their incredibly difficult jobs at the same time.

A Higher Average of Compounding Debt

According to a 2015 survey conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, military members tend to be in worse shape financially than their civilian counterparts. The survey revealed several disturbing trends:

  • Military service members carry around 7% higher debt than average
  • They have 16% fewer assets, such as their own car, house, or stocks than civilians
  • They pay roughly 15% more than civilians in monthly expenses
  • Military spouses carry a 10.2% unemployment rate, more than double the national average
  • Military spouses earned about 26.8% less than civilian counterparts in the exact same position.

All of these factors have combined to create a situation where military families struggle to stay above debt, despite the stable paychecks they get. Additionally, payday lending is completely legal in Tennessee. Shady lenders cluster around Fort Campbell, trying to exploit the financial hardship these service members are experiencing.

A Stable Paycheck isn’t Always Stable

Unlike their civilian counterparts, soldiers and government employees have to wait for someone to say it’s okay to pay them. Since their pay is part of the Department of Defense budget, Congress and the Senate must approve the budget before it can be distributed. Without approval, the government can be temporarily shut down. During these periods, many federal employees and service members are furloughed or else work without pay. They can’t always get extensions on their bills, and there have been cases where they’ve lost homes and vehicles during shutdowns.

Bad Credit is a Security Concern

Besides limiting options to get approval to borrow money, government employees have the added risk of it derailing their career. Many jobs in the government sector require a security clearance. In order to get approval for new or renewed clearance, a thorough background check is performed. Part of that check is personal finances, and a bad credit score with heavy debt can lead to instant denial for a clearance. It’s a contributing cause to government workers drowning in debt but not seeking the help they need.

You Need an Option That’s as Resilient as You Are

With so much pressure bearing down on you, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to get money quickly, settle your debts, and improve your credit rating? There is! At Loans Now, can get you the options you’ve been striving to find, safely and securely.

Lending Terms that Beat Out the Competition

Unlike our competitors, we don’t try to limit you because of your bad credit. As long as you have a score of 450 or more, we can potentially generate offers for loans that can go up to $70,000, with an interest rate starting at just under 5%. With our options, you won’t have a few weeks to repay your money, you’ll have a few years! We can get you the amount of money you need to put a real dent in your debts, with plenty of time to cover your obligations.

Fast Access to Your Money

As soon as a shutdown occurs, we know may be scrambling to get the money you need to get by. That’s why our system is designed to be quick and easy to use! Our enrollment form can be completed in six minutes or less. From there, we typically have different options ready for you to compare within 24 to 48 hours. Finally, our partners move as quickly as we do to get you money and can have it available in as little as one business day in many cases.

A Safe and Secure Way to Borrow Money

We know that your bad credit is weighing heavily on you, and you may not be able to share your problems. We take your privacy very seriously, and we will absolutely not share your information with outside parties, not even your chain of command. We also protect your score by providing a free tool to verify your own score, then fill it in on the registration form. We never make an initial inquiry, so your score won’t suffer. Getting approval for one of our options will strengthen your credit diversity, and your credit history will improve so long as you make your minimum payments. You have the potential to improve your score significantly!

Secure Your Finances with Loans Now!

There’s no reason for you to keep living in fear because of your bad credit. We’ve equipped dozens of clients across the country with the resources to improve their lives, and we can do the same for you! We’re not limited to Clarksville either! We service lending options across Tennessee and the contiguous United States, so no matter where your next interstate PCS takes you, we’ll be there to help! Visit our Loans Discovery page, and let us find the perfect option you need now!

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