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credit check for unsecured personal loan Chicago, ILChicago’s seen a lot of turmoil since 2010. Debt, poverty, and violence have all escalated in a city that offers just as many dangers as it does opportunities. The city’s poorest neighborhoods, like Pilsen and Dearborn Homes, have grown particularly destitute. You may need a personal loan for bad credit in Chicago, and that’s where we can be of service. Our Loans Now Discovery program partners you with one of our financial experts to compare different lending offers, fast and free of charge!

There’s No Easy Way to Get Money in Chicago

For people struggling under the weight of debt and poverty, Chicago is anything but a paradise. Some of the poorest neighborhoods in the city are well known for lacking in opportunities and being fraught with gang activity. There are very few ways to escape the situations in these neighborhoods without money, and money is difficult to come by.

The Rich are Very Rich; The Poor are Very Poor

One of the most disheartening traits of Chicago is just how great the divide is between its rich and poor citizens. There were over 3,300 residents worth more than $30 million in 2018, while in communities like Riverdale, the average income per person was just $15,734 per year. This has created a bad situation where the elite reside in the city’s center, while the poor are restricted to outskirts of town, where violence and poverty prevail.

Options to Access Money are Very Restrictive

As of 2018, the average credit score required to qualify for a loan was around 620. For people who don’t meet that score, lenders are quick to turn them down without a second thought. Of course, that’s only after they’ve made a hard inquiry and caused credit ratings to suffer more. Even for those who qualify, interest rates are high, and the money can take as long as a month to come in.

Alternate Solutions Aren’t Solutions at All

For many Chicago residents, the options they’ve turned to are only making things worse. Credit card debt is a growing concern in Illinois, with Business Insider reporting that the average citizen had about $7,278 in credit card debt in 2018. This debt only grows as interest accumulates, leading to missed payments and bad credit. The other common method people turn to, payday lenders, are even worse. Though restricted by Illinois’ Payday Loan Reform Act, lenders can still charge upwards of 400% APR, permit an average of just two weeks to repay debts, and can charge up to $15.50 for every $100 you borrow. It’s incredibly easy to default on these offers, making people reliant on the lender to extend their limits or give them another loan.

The Solution You Need to Get Ahead in Chicago

The only way you can rise above your debt is if you have money to pay it off. But with few options to safely access funds, how will you get it? The solution you need is our Discovery program! We’ve found great offers to borrow money for people throughout Illinois and much of the United States. You won’t find any payday lenders here, just quality offers that can get your money quickly and safely!

Offers Matched to Your Needs

The core of our business is matching your lending requirements against offers that provide what you need. Everyone has different needs, so this is not a one size fits all operation. Through an assigned consultant, you’ll determine what matters most to you, and we’ll find the offers that best match your conditions. We maintain a wide range of lending options, with terms that offer:

  • Access for people with credit scores of 450 and above
  • Amounts between a few hundred and several thousand dollars
  • Options to repay starting at 24 months and extending to 84 months
  • No penalties or fees for paying off your loan early.
  • No conditions involving collateral or cash advances

Fast Delivery on Your Funds

When the bills come due, you can’t afford to wait, so we don’t make you. Joining our Discovery network takes five minutes or less. In most instances, your consultant has offers to discuss with you about 24 hours after you register. Because our network of partners knows you need money quick, your funds are typically available the day after you choose the right option for you.

No Initial Credit Check Keeps Your Score Intact

Our goal is for you to be able to compare bad credit lending offers safely. We can’t deliver on that promise if we check your credit right at the start. That’s why we have you certify your own score before you register. A self-check won’t impact your score at all. Plus, your check is all we need to shop for multiple offers at a time. You don’t have to make a new inquiry for each and every offer!

Get the Access to Money You Need with Loans Now!

No matter what your circumstances are, you’re never without options. With our free service, you don’t have to rely on unreasonable banks or unscrupulous lenders either. You can get the best deal, have the money you need quickly, and improve your credit rating with one simple process! Don’t keep struggling with debt – enroll today and let us find your best deal to borrow money!

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