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credit check for unsecured personal loan Chattanooga, Tn.As one of Tennessee’s most recognized cities, Chattanooga has been growing at a very healthy rate since the early 2000s. A diversified collection of businesses has helped the city grow, while a boost in tourism is bringing in an additional $1 billion per year as of 2018. However, not everybody in Chattanooga is enjoying the prosperity. If you want a personal loan for bad credit in Chattanooga, our Loans Discovery program is the way to find it. We access different lending options for you to choose from, saving you the work and time of doing it yourself, without demanding any money in return.

A Diverse City with Some Common Problems

Chattanooga is unique from many cities in America because it’s so diverse. As of estimates from 2017, the city was 61% white, 33.3% black, and 5.6% Latino, with other races making up the remainder. No particular industry stands out in Chattanooga – transportation, communications, tourism, manufacturing, and many other industries all enjoy great success in the city. For all of the sheen the city presents, there’s plenty of dirt just below the surface.

Many People Struggle with Poverty

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that as of 2017, 20.7% of Chattanooga’s population lived below the national poverty line. In a city of just over 179,000 residents, that’s over 37,000 people struggling with low income and debt every day. To make matters worse, this is the most common demographic to find low credit ratings. This makes things more difficult for people just barely surviving as is.

Bad Credit Limits Options to Access Funds

Whenever you apply for a regular loan, the typical first step is to have a hard inquiry made against your score. The reason is that lenders want to see just how risky it will be to let you borrow money. A low credit score indicates to banks and lenders that you’re most likely irresponsible, and can’t be trusted. If that wasn’t unfair enough, a hard inquiry will most often damage your score, even if you weren’t granted the loan you wanted. It’s very possible to make your credit worse by just shopping for options to borrow money!

Predatory Practices Abound in Tennessee

You would think that an interest rate cap of 10% would be enough to discourage payday and title lenders from flooding the state. But no: there’s more in Tennessee than nearly any other state. A study by California State University Northridge found that there were over 1,208 payday storefronts in Tennessee, or about 24 for every 100,000 people, in 2008. The reason the interest cap doesn’t bother them is a technicality they can exploit. When conducting transactions by check, a lender can charge an APR of up to 459% so long as they don’t lend more than $500.

Getting Money Doesn’t Have to Be So Risky

If you’re combating poverty and debt, while also struggling to improve your credit rating, you may think there aren’t any practical ways to get money. You can’t go to the banks – they turn you away after they damage your score. You can’t trust a payday lender – they charge so much interest you’ll never be able to pay it back. But if you can’t do either of those, what’s left? The answer is Loans Now! We’ve found great loan offers for Tennessee residents and people all across the country, and we can help you too!

The Money You Need Rise Out of Poverty

The only way to beat poverty is with money, and just a few hundred dollars may not do the job. That’s why we partner with lenders willing to extend you thousands of dollars, so long as you meet the requirements.

We’re Faster and Safer than Other Services

If you did get approved to borrow money from a bank, you could still find yourself waiting to receive your funds. Banks can average anywhere from 14 to 30 day to process a loan. If you’ve got a due date coming up on a bill, you can’t afford for them to take their sweet time. That’s why our service is incredibly fast, with a registration process totaling just a few minutes, an average of 24 hours to get your offers, and a turnaround of one to two days to get your money, in most instances.

Plus, we let you tell us your own score, so there’s no initial inquiries and no damage to your credit. Your single credit check is enough to get you multiple offers to – you don’t have to settle for one at a time anymore.

Rates You Won’t Find at Any Payday Lender

We despise payday lenders and we refuse to work with them. We can’t stand the thought of making unfair offers, and that’s why all of our options:

  • Have competitive rates starting just above 4%
  • Permit you several years to repay your debt
  • Don’t require collateral of any kind
  • Don’t require you to make a cash advance to reserve your money
  • Don’t have a payoff penalty

At Loans Now, we’re in the business of matching you with great offers to get money and nothing else. We’re not interested in taking advantage of you, and we’re not going to abuse your trust. We don’t share your personal data with anyone, and your information is protected.

Find the Opportunity you Deserve with Loans Now!

Ours is a free service designed to help people with bad credit find great lending options. We’ve been very successful at creating those opportunities for others and we’re eager to do the same for you. Enroll in our Loans Discovery Program today, and seize the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

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