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credit check for unsecured personal loan Charlotte, NCAs the second largest financial center in the United States, you’d think that Charlotte would have plenty of options for people to get money when they need it. The reality is that people in the city still struggle with debt, especially those with bad credit. If you’re looking for a personal loan for bad credit in Charlotte, we have the perfect service for you! Our Loans Now Discovery Program allows you to choose between multiple unsecured offers to find the right option for your needs!

A Financial Center with a Hidden Burden

According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, Charlotte had the distinction of being the nation’s #2 center for banking and finance, with over $2.29 trillion in assets as of November 2018. Other industries like transportation, energy, and motorsports have allowed Charlotte to enjoy a steady pace of growth for several decades now. Despite this, the city still has some problems they’d rather you didn’t hear about.

Abuses By One of Its Banking Titans

As far back as the late 2000s, Wells Fargo, which had bought out Charlotte’s Wachovia bank in 2008, had started to commit some pretty bad dealings with its customers. In order to appease top-down pressure to sell multiple services to their customers, many branches started opening accounts and issuing unsolicited credit cards for customers without their permission. It caused many people’s credit ratings to bottom out, and some to owe money they’d never committed to in the first place. In total, it’s estimated that customers were charged around $2 million in fraudulent fees by 2016.

Hard Conditions for Its Poorest Citizens

Despite the majority of the population being employed, there are still plenty of people struggling just to get by. An estimate by the U.S. Census showed that 14.9% of the city’s populace was living in poverty in 2017. That may not seem like a large ratio, but in a city of just 860,000 residents, that means nearly a quarter million people are living in poverty. Often, these are people with low-paying jobs or no jobs at all, with terrible credit ratings. It makes it difficult for them to access money when they need it.

A Good Deed that Punished Bad Credit Scores

In an effort to prevent scams and reduce unfair debts for its citizens, the North Carolina legislature officially banned payday, title, and similar lending businesses in 2001. While it was a good decision, it also limited an option that the poorest people in Charlotte had to access funds. Unlike banks and savings and loan institutions, payday and title lenders often didn’t require a credit check. The deals they made were ultimately terrible because of high fees and interest, but it was at least an alternative. Without them, people with bad credit had to appeal to normal agencies like Wells Fargo, which would often turn them away or manipulate their account.

Where Do You Go When There Are No Options to Get Money?

All of these factors have mixed to create a scenario where it may seem like you’ll never be able to access money. If you go through a normal institution, you can find yourself turned away for bad credit. If you’re approved, how do you know they won’t take illegal action with your information? Without someone willing to work without a credit check, where can you go? This is the very reason Loans Now is in business.

Your Information is Private and Your Credit Secure

When you work with us, understand that you’re dealing with an organization that respects you as a person, and so do our providers. None of your information will be shared with outside businesses. We provide options for you to borrow money, but you’re under no obligation to use any of them. You’ll never be stuck with an obligation that you didn’t approve. Letting you report your own score means we don’t make any initial inquiries, so your credit is completely safe.

We Offer Great Rates for Bad Credit

Even if you get approval through a traditional lender, you probably won’t be allowed to access much money. A report by the Consumer Financial Protect Bureau estimated that bad credit borrowers were limited to an average of $500. With us, that’s just a starting point. If you have at least a 450 credit score, you could potentially qualify to receive up to $70,000 from our providers. Our interest rates start much lower than others, and there a no prepayment penalties. If you can pay off your debt early, we encourage you to do so!

You Can Use Your Money for What Matters Most

With unsecured personal loans, you choose what your money does for you. People commonly take out personal funds to:

  • Settle credit card debt
  • Improve their credit history and diversity
  • Fund a home renovation project
  • Help pay for automotive repairs
  • Pay utility, rent, and mortgage bills

These are just a few examples of the ways you can use a personal loan. Because all our options are unsecured, it means you don’t have to surrender your car, your home, or some other asset if you default.

Find a Lender You Can Depend On with Loans Now!

The two most important things to us are your success and your privacy. We’ve all seen what happens when big banks stop caring about their customers and start caring about themselves. You can be sure that our Loans Discovery Program will only present you great lending options, free of charge and without obligation. We’re proud to offer the best options for bad credit in North Carolina, and the lower 48 states. Take advantage of a great no-cost option, and use our program to find the money you need today!

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