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credit check for unsecured personal loan Camden, NJTo hear the elderly talk about it, Camden was really something to see at one time. The heavy concentration of manufacturing businesses endured both the Great Depression and World War II, providing steady jobs and pay all the while. Today, Camden’s lost much of what made it a thriving city and its residents are suffering. If you need money to help you endure these difficult times, our Personal Loan Discovery program is the perfect way to find personal loans for bad credit in Camden. Our ability to match you with great offers isn’t limited to Camden, and we can service offers in all of New Jersey, and throughout the U.S.

A City Fallen on Hard Times

The manufacturing businesses that once called the city home started to leave after the 1950s, and by 1980, were almost completely gone. The city tried and failed to revitalize throughout the 80s and 90s, but by 1999, had filed for bankruptcy. Starting in 2013, multiple government and private investment projects began to breathe life back into the once great city. However, minimal progress has been made, and the citizens continue to suffer from debt, poverty, and health risks.

No Relief from Financial Burden

According to its 2017 estimates, the U.S. Census affirmed that a startling 37.4% of all Camden residents live in poverty. That would be difficult to imagine, but the report also found that the average household income was only $26,105. Healthcare and education jobs have begun to grow in the city, but it will be a very long time before people can sustain enough income to climb out of poverty. If that isn’t bad enough, Camden is regarded as one of the most dangerous cities in America, setting a record for the city of 69 homicides in one year in 2012.

Declining Health and a Lack of Coverage

In addition to the pollution caused by manufacturing throughout the 20th century, recent additions meant to help the city have actually increased the suffering. In 1991, a trash-to-steam incineration plant opened in the city, pouring toxic fumes into the air and water. Water contamination grew so bad in Camden that six wells in Puchack Well Field were closed and declared a Superfund. Between 1970 and 2000, nearly 50,000 people were treated for conditions arising from pollution. Treatments can be expensive, and with nearly 17% of the population living without health insurance, medical expenses are a huge concern.

No Opportunities to Break the Cycle

When you can’t earn enough money, the only real solution is to borrow it. For Camden borrowers with bad credit, this is far from simple. It was reported that most financial institutions required at least a 620 credit score before they would lend money in 2018. It took 14 days on average to approve a new loan application, and another 14 days before the money was available. Payday, title, and similar forms of lending are prohibited in New Jersey. While this protects citizens from scams, it also means they’re severely restricted from accessing money.

You Can’t Wait on the City to Fix Itself

No matter how much you may love Camden, the reality is that if you’re waiting for the city to give you an opportunity to make money, you’ll be waiting for a long time. In the meantime, poverty runs rampant, health costs continue to increase, and more people are finding themselves turned away for their bad credit. What you need is a method to access money now, take a few years to repay your debt, and grow your credit at the same time. At Loans Now, that’s our specialty.

Lending Terms that Don’t Break the Bank

Everyone needs help sometimes, but help is only viable if it doesn’t leave you worse off than before. Our lending solutions were designed specifically so that people with bad credit could have a fair chance to borrow money and improve their lives. To that end, our options include:

  • The potential to borrow between $500 and $70,000
  • Interest rates that start below 5%
  • No requirement for collateral to secure your loan
  • Two to seven years to repay your borrowed money
  • No payoff fees or penalties if you pay your debt early

Fast Access to the Money You Borrow

Whether you’re dealing with hospital costs or home expenses, you can’t afford for weeks to go by while you wait for your money. We designed our process with that in mind. Completing our questionnaire is simple and takes hardly five minutes. We usually have your tailored solutions ready by the next day, and our lending partners normally have your funds prepared a day after you make your decision.

Security While You Rebuild Your Credit

We know that facing hard inquiry after hard inquiry will only make your score drop as you search. That’s why we enable you to confirm your own score, then use it to register. It protects your rating while giving us essential information to find your best deal. We always keep your personal information completely confidential. You’ll never have to worry about getting unwanted correspondence from other businesses. With our offers, you have the potential to boost your score by a large margin by making your monthly payments on time. You can get your money and a better credit score at the same time!

Relieve the Burden of Debt with Loans Now!

Camden is most likely years from getting back to its former glory if it can at all. You can’t afford to wait on the city in either case, and you shouldn’t have to. With our Discovery program, you get a quality bad credit loan, access to your money quickly, and protection for your credit, all for free! Complete our questionnaire now, and let us help you find the perfect financial solution starting today!

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