Bad Credit Loans Brownsville, TX.

credit check for unsecured personal loan Brownsville, Tx.As one of the poorest urban areas in the country, there’s plenty of people who need a personal loan for bad credit in Brownsville. The problem isn’t finder a lender – it’s finding one that won’t take advantage of how desperate you are for money. At Loans Now, you’ll only find high-quality, unsecured lending options that won’t jeopardize your finances. Our Loans Discovery Program was designed to help people with bad credit compare lenders easily, and get the money they need fast.

Facing a Crisis of Money

The residents of Brownsville have it pretty tough. In a local economy dominated by manufacturing, the migration of jobs overseas has left many factory workers out of a job or making very little money. With over 31% of families living below the poverty line, the need to access money is great. However, the methods to get money aren’t always safe.

A Lack of Government Support

Texas is one of the worst states for regulations that protect borrowers. While the Texas Finance Code stipulates that consumer lenders can’t exceed interest rates of 10%, it’s very easy to get around this. The code also doesn’t restrict finance charges, fees, or lending amounts. The only restriction to payment timelines is that lenders have to give you at least 10 days to pay back your debt. That’s not much time to repay any significant amount of money.

A City Struggling with Poverty

Brownsville is facing an uphill battle with debt. The area is regarded as the second poorest urban area in the country. It’s created some unfortunate trends for the city’s population. Just look at the statistics:

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average annual income for a Brownsville household is just above $35,000, while the national average is nearly $60,000.
  • Additionally, the per capita income was only about $15,000 per person.
  • The city has a higher rate of unemployment than others, at 5.8%.
  • Nearly 35% of the city’s population doesn’t have health insurance. Any kind of emergency expense can incur a debt that families simply cannot afford.
  • Just 56.1% of the population is counted in the labor force.

A Rich Environment for Predators

When you mix few government restrictions with people desperate for cash, you create a recipe for scams. Payday lenders; title lenders; no credit check lenders; call them what you will. These shady money dealers hide their true colors by partnering with banks and calling themselves credit repair organizations. This small alteration allows them to bypass the restrictions set in Chapter 342 of the Texas Finance Code, and essentially do whatever they please. This includes demanding an APR between 300 and 500% on average, charging upwards of $100 or more in fees for a $500 loan, and requiring that you pay back your debt in less than a month. The result is that you can become trapped in debt, with no easy way out.

The Solution that You Desperately Need

In an environment where it’s hard to make money, the government doesn’t have your back, and plenty of people want to cheat you, you may think there’s no solution that can solve your problems. That’s why Loans Now is in business. We recognized a growing need across the nation, particularly in the state of Texas, for people to be able to access bad credit loans safely and quickly. We exist to help you access different lending options for bad credit, and compare them under the guidance of our financial experts, so you can get the best deal possible, free of charge.

We Respect Your Rights Under the Law

While your rights may be limited, we respect that you are an individual with pressing circumstances. That’s why we always ensure that our service is fair and delivers the options that you need. Our loan providers are all reputable financial experts who work with you, not against you, to get the funds you need.

We’re Not Interested in Dishonest Lenders

You’ll never find Loans Now working with an agency advertising, “Instant approval for loans! No credit check necessary!” No reputable lender doesn’t care about credit, and we’re no exception. We require that you have a credit score of 450 to use our services, but that doesn’t mean we lack quality. As part of our Loans Discovery process, we let you check your credit rating for free, then let us know what it is. You enjoy the same protection to your score initially as you would a predatory lender, without any of the traps.

We Can Get You the Money You Need When You Need It

We pride ourselves on delivering great lending options at a very quick pace. Enrolling in our service takes roughly 5 minutes. We often provide lending options as quickly as a day, and our providers usually have your money to you in 24 hours. We understand that you can’t wait when you have a pressing expense you need to cover.

Don’t Keep Struggling with Debt – Take Action Now!

The team at Loans Now is committed to providing safe, unsecured loans for Brownsville, and wherever else in the country we’re needed. That’s our promise to you, and we stand by our promises. With the ability to compare multiple options quickly, for free, through lenders that won’t try to cheat you, why wouldn’t you take advantage of our service? Verify your credit score, complete our Loans Discovery form, and let us help you start taking back control of your finances now!

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