Bad Credit Loans Bowling Green, KY.

credit check for unsecured personal loan Bowling Green, Ky.Bowling Green has a lot to offer to those who can afford it. Having grown significantly over the years, the city has enjoyed an influx of money and jobs since the turn of the century. However, for every person who’s doing well, there are plenty barely managing to get by. You may need a personal loan for bad credit in Bowling Green to settle your debts, and we can help you find the money you need. Our Personal Loan Discovery Program matches you with great lending offers, based on your situation and credit profile. Our goal is to save you time, help you avoid scams, and find the perfect solution for your money problems.

A Great Place to Live if You Can Afford It

Bowling Green recovered from the 2008 recession far better than many other American cities. The city leaned on the support of both Western Kentucky University and the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, the only place in the world that manufacturers Corvettes, to weather the storm. It resulted in Forbes listing Bowling Green as the 22nd out of 179 cities for job growth in 2009, and the as one of the nation’s best retirement spots in 2014. But despite how well Bowling Green has endured economic hardship, not everyone is living a life of financial freedom.

Jobs that Just Don’t Pay Enough

While the Depart of Labor cited that Bowling Green had just 3.3% unemployment in December 2018, people are working themselves to death just to stay in debt. 2017 estimates by the U.S. Census calculated that 26.4% of the population lived below the poverty line. It’s easy to see why – the same estimates placed the average household income at just $39,901, while the national average was over $61,000.

Heavy Debts that Destroy Credit

According to Business Insider, Kentucky ranked 27 out of 50 states for credit card debt in 2018. The average debt was $7,190 per household, more than 18% of the average annual income for a household. With the national average for credit card interest rate hovering around 16%, it’s become incredibly easy for people to completely ruin their finances, even as they try to meet their financial obligations. For any amount left on the balance, the interest keeps accumulating, placing a great burden on families.

Difficulty Getting Relief

For those with bad credit, finding quality loan offers in Kentucky can be daunting. Most lending terms start at scores of 620 and above. It can be difficult to find a creditor willing to work with a bad score that isn’t looking to scam borrowers. To make things more difficult, traditional creditors usually begin their process with a hard inquiry to validate a score. Hard inquiries normally lower scores, so making multiple inquiries to compare rates can absolutely obliterate your credit rating.

How Can You Keep Your Credit Safe and Get Money?

For Bowling Green residents, there are three primary goals: pay off bills, reduce credit card debt, and keep their credit score from dropping. But how to do it? Payday lenders often charge over 400% APR, and banks don’t even work with bad credit. The answer you’re looking for is Loans Now. Our program was intended to provide people with bad credit a way to access money and protect their score at the same time.

We Offer Great Terms for Bad Credit

If you really want to reduce your debt, a few hundred dollars may not do the job. Plus, you’ll never be able to pay back your money, plus interest, in just a few short weeks. We understand that, and that’s why:

  • Our options offer thousands of dollars
  • You’re given several years to repay
  • You’re given a flat interest rate that’s only applied one time
  • All of our options are unsecured and don’t require collateral
  • There are no fees if you pay off your loan early

Unlike credit cards, where the interest applied can change every month, our interest rates don’t. The interest is pre-calculated in your monthly payment, so you’ll always know what to expect. Personal loans are a great way to consolidate credit card debt!

Our Offers Protect Your Finances

Since we know you can’t afford for your score to drop, we’ve taken steps to ensure it doesn’t. There are no initial checks with our services – reporting your own score provides the information we require and protects your score as well. Your information is never shared with anyone. Our offers give you the chance to improve your rating, so long as you pay your monthly payments on time. Finally, our service is completely free, and there’s no obligation to use any of the offers we find for you.

Our Offers are Fast and Simple to Access

We fully realize that you can’t wait on your money for weeks when the bills are due. That’s why our process takes just minutes to complete, and we normally return your offers in 24 hours or less. Our lenders are every bit as efficient as we are, and usually, have your funds ready within one to two business days.

Achieve What You Want with an Offer from Loans Now

There’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be able to access the same great offers that other borrowers get. Having bad credit doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. That’s why our sole mission is to find great offers for you that are fast, affordable, and safe. Don’t keep worrying about where you can get the money you need, use our free service today!

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