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credit check for unsecured personal loan Baton Rouge, LA.In Louisiana’s state capitol, the period from 2010 onward can be summed up by saying “mixed results.” On the one hand, a strong economy has helped attract new residents and businesses to the city. On the other hand, a sequence of disasters and reduced wages have over a quarter of the population trying to fend off poverty. If you’ve been trying to find a personal loan for bad credit in Baton Rouge, but haven’t had much luck, we can help! Our Loans Discovery service exists to help people with bad credit find great options to borrow money, that are safe to use, and get their money fast.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

It’s safe to say that Baton Rouge has had its share of troubles over the years. Growth in the oil, chemical, and medical sectors caused an economic boom in the mid-2000s, but not everyone has enjoyed the success the city has experienced. In fact, some people are worse off now than they ever have been before.

Low-Income Families Continue to Suffer

In 2017, the estimated poverty rate in the United States was 12.3%, according to the University of California Davis. Baton Rouge more than doubled that percentage, with 26%, or 58,597 out of 225,374 residents, living in poverty. While the rest of the U.S. enjoyed an average household income of around $61,000, Baton Rouge families struggled to bring in just $40,948 on average. It’s both ironic and tragic that a city that has grown so much continues to see so much destitution.

Flooding that Decimates Half a State

In 2016, East Baton Rouge was one of the areas that FEMA declared a federal disaster zone after severe flooding decimated southern Louisiana. It cost the state an estimated $10 to $15 billion. Many homeowners and renters did not have flood insurance because the area wasn’t rated for a severe risk of flooding. The cost of uncovered damages was so great that FEMA started offering up to $33,000 to homeowners to help recover. Not everyone qualified though, and for some, the efforts to recover have been slow and painful.

A Multitude of Predators Ready to Pounce

Wherever there are poverty and desperation, there are payday and title lenders. With offers of guaranteed approval to borrow money, no checks on credit, and the promise of having your money fast, payday lenders have made a killing in Louisiana. Common characteristics of these types of loans include:

  • APRs up to 780%
  • Borrowing limits that don’t exceed $350
  • 60 days or less to repay
  • No cooling off period
  • Requirements to promise your assets as collateral

Since these setups are very difficult to pay off, it’s very easy to fall into a trap. Once you’ve successfully paid on your first loan, you’ll be so strapped for cash that you’ll most likely need a second one to settle your debts. It’s a vicious cycle where the only real winner is the predatory lenders.

You Need a Safe, Quick Way to Access Money

With poverty on the rise, a state still suffering from one of the worst disasters in American history, and scammers running rampant, times are definitely hard in Baton Rouge. If you’re suffering from bad credit as well, it may seem impossible to borrow money safely in Louisiana. Don’t despair just yet! Our Discovery program was created just for people like you! We can help you access great offers that others simply can’t.

Your Money Your Way

If everybody was exactly the same, there would be one lending institute, with one package that fits everybody. That isn’t the case though, and at Loans Now, we don’t try to shove you into an offer that just doesn’t fit. After discussing your situation with your personally assigned team member, we search for options that meet your criteria to borrow money. Whether this means borrowing a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands, we can help you. Our offers start with interest rates well below many others on the market, and our payment plans are spread out over several years. Plus, our service is completely free!

Putting Your Credit First

Others may not care about harming your score, but we do. We don’t require an initial credit check to use our services. You determine for yourself whether or not you meet the 450 minimum we require. If you do, we only gather the necessary information we need to find the perfect offer for you, and we don’t share it. Period. We want you to work with us in confidence that we’re finding a great offer for you, without making your situation worse. Additionally, we don’t require collateral, and we’ll never ask you for money in any form.

You Can’t Wait so We Don’t Make You

When a disaster like a flood strikes, you don’t have time to wait for money to come in. You also don’t have time to waste on lenders who turn you away for bad credit. Our service is all about getting great results fast. Registration takes only minutes, and we often have options ready for you in a single day. Our network of providers typically has your money ready within a business day at most. You’ve got enough to worry about without having any of your time wasted.

Access Your Perfect Lending Offer with Loans Now!

Baton Rouge may be struggling but that doesn’t mean you have to. With our program, you can quickly compare great lending offers, without damaging your score, or risking your assets. We’ve successfully paired hundreds of people with their perfect solution, and we’re here to do the same for you! Fill out our 5-minute questionnaire and let Loans Now find your perfect lending offer now!

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