Bad Credit Loans in Athens, Ga.

credit check for unsecured personal loan Athens, Ga.If you’ve been looking for a personal loan for bad credit in Athens, you know just how hard the search can be. You’ve probably been turned down by other lenders because of your score and may have even run into scammers looking to trap you in debt. But Loans Now is different. Using our Loan Discovery Program, Loans Now can help you compare multiple lenders, without hurting your credit score, and help you find a great loan to get the money you need now!

The Trouble with Getting a Loan

When it comes to finding an Athens bad credit loan, there are always three main problems: the risk to your credit score, the danger of scam artists, and time. Put them all together, and you’ve got a frustrating situation where it seems like you’ll never be able to get the money you need.

The Risk to Your Credit Score

It’s the first thing that most lenders want to do. As soon as you tell them, “I need a loan,” they’ll usually make a hard inquiry against your credit score. Hard inquiries for personal loan applications can cause your score to drop by a good bit. If you shop multiple lenders all at once to compare rates, you can potentially multiply the damage to your score.

The Danger of Scam Artists

One of the most dangerous phrases you will ever hear in lending circles is, “Instant approval! No credit check required!” That is a tell-tale sign of a scam artist. They draw you in by promising to get you a loan quickly and don’t care about your credit score. It sounds great, but these type of lenders often:

  • Charge a very high APR, sometimes up to 500%
  • Demand high fees for using their service
  • Make you give up some type of collateral, like your car
  • Only give you two to four weeks to pay your loan back
  • Add interest charges to extend your loan, leaving you trapped

The goal of these lenders is simple: trap you with so much outstanding debt that you have to pay them for a long time to come.

It Can Take a Lot of Time to Compare Lenders

Even if you don’t count the potential harm to your score, it can take a long time to compare different lenders. When you’re busy with work, spending time with your family, and other obligations that eat up your time, it can take as long as two weeks to settle on a lender. If you don’t compare lenders, the risk is that you could be missing out on a great deal. When you need money now, time is not on your side.

What if There Was a Better Way to Shop Athens Bad Credit Loans?

How great would it be if there was a way to compare different lenders, cut back the time it takes to find them, and protect your credit score all at once? It’s not just a great idea, it’s why we’re in business! Loans Now is here to help you get the money you need safely, quickly, and without causing your credit score to suffer! The best part – it’s all free!

We Don’t Check Your Credit – You Do

Anytime you check your own credit, it counts as a soft inquiry, and won’t hurt your score. We don’t want your score to drop just to compare lenders, so you can use our free credit check tool to see what your score is. If your score is at least 450, Loans Now can help you find great options to get money, without wrecking your score!

We Only Offer Safe, Unsecured Lending Options

At Loans Now, you’ll never have to worry about being taken advantage of by shady lenders. We only work with quality lenders who abide by the law when they offer great unsecured options for Georgia residents. All of the lenders we work with comply with the Georgia State Code. It states that no lender can charge above 16% interest for loans under $3,000. You won’t find any payday or title lenders in the options we provide.

We Can Start Working for You in As Little as 5 Minutes

The process for using our Loan Discovery Program is simple and only takes about 5 minutes to complete- check your credit score, then fill out some basic information about where you live and how much money you need. That’s it! Besides your score, we don’t need any other financial information initially. Once we’ve received your form, our financial experts can have several great unsecured lending options delivered to you in as little as 24 hours. No more spending dozens of hours searching hundreds of different sites!

Use Our Loan Discovery Program and Let Loans Now Help you Get Money Now!

With no risk to your credit score, no shady lenders to deal with, and no more wasted time searching hundreds of lenders, Loans Now is your best option for getting the money you need now! It’s safe, it’s free, and it’s a great way that you can get money and start recovering your credit score at the same time. Stop wasting your time on lenders who turn you away or want to trap you in debt. Use our Loans Discovery Program, and let us find a great personal unsecured loan for you, starting right now!

Personal Loans Starting at 4.99%
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  • Credit Scores Reviewed to 450
  • 2, 3, 5 & 7 Year Terms
  • Loan Amounts $500 - 70K

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