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credit check for unsecured personal loan Amarillo, Tx.There’s often a bad stigma against taking out a bad credit loan. Many assume that if you have bad credit, you’re an irresponsible, untrustworthy person. You can spend days if not weeks talking to different lenders, only for them to turn you down. When you have to have money quickly, this can leave you feeling completely defeated. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Our team understands that bad credit doesn’t equal a bad person. Our Personal Loans Discovery service was created specifically so that people with bad credit could save time, find a great offer, and get the funds they need quickly. If you’re seeking a personal loan for bad credit in Amarillo, Loans Now is the service you’ve been waiting for!

Everything’s Bigger in Texas – Including the Risks

Texas prides itself on being a state filled with proud, hard-working people. While the government certainly appreciates the money that Texans contribute to the state’s economy, they don’t do much to protect you financially. Not only that, but Texas has several industries where the threat of losing your job is a constant danger.

Your Lending Rights are Limited

Texas has been categorized as a “do-nothing” state by the Center for Public Policy Priorities. This means that when it comes to regulations that cap interest rates, set fee limits, and give you a minimum amount of time to repay loans, Texas has hardly anything. The only real limitation is set in Chapter 302, Title 4, of the Texas Finance Code. It states that lenders can’t charge you more than 10% interest per year for consumer loans. However, if you agree to a higher rate, in writing, you waive your rights, and there’s nothing to protect your money.

Predatory Lenders are Rampant

Texas is one of the worst states for payday, title, and similar predatory types of lenders. Consider the following facts:

  • California State University Northridge conducted a study that revealed there were about 8 payday lenders for every 100,000 people in Texas, more than 3,500 in total.
  • Since many predatory lenders register as credit repair organizations, they can exceed the 10% interest cap.
  • The average payday lender charges a 410% APR.
  • State law specifies that they can give you as little as 10 days to repay a loan.
  • The average additional charge on a $500 payday loan is $100 in Texas.

A Government Shutdown can Be Disastrous

Texas has the fourth highest amount of government workers, with over 130,000 federal employees. While the pay and benefits can be great, the risk of losing your paycheck is always present. Because pay can be suspended when a government shutdown occurs, employees are always under threat of losing their income. There have been cases where federal employees have been evicted from their homes during shutdowns. The money stopped coming in, and they couldn’t afford their payments.

Loans Now is a Safe Option to Find a Bad Credit Loan in Amarillo

With so much risk, you may be getting desperate to find a safe, reliable method to shop for money and protect your finances. Loans Now is here to provide that service to you! Our mission to provide quality lending options that are safe for you, quickly and at no charge to you. We’re dedicated to offering the best money lending options for Amarillo residents, the citizens of Texas, and the entire country.

We Offer Competitive Rates

Unlike many financial institutions, we only work with lenders who only offer competitive rates to you. Our providers charge as little as 4.99% interest, offer amounts up to $70,000, and our lending options start at two years minimum to repay your debts. Plus, using our service is completely free!

We Don’t Work with Predatory Lenders

We’re not here to “repair your credit.” We’re here to provide you with great options for personal, unsecured loans, plain and simple. Our mission in life is to help people struggling with debt get back on their feet. Bad credit loans are just the tool we use to achieve that goal. All of our lenders abide by the Texas Finance Code, will respect you as a human being, and offer options that will help you resolve your difficulties.

We Can Get Your Money Fast

When you’re in danger of losing your home, car, or something else precious to you, there’s no time to waste. We understand that you don’t have a week to wait for your cash to come in. Our Loan Discovery form only takes a few minutes to complete. We typically have lending options for you to compare within 24 hours, and our providers usually have your money read by the next business day. Additionally, our free credit check tool allows you to determine your own credit score. We work with scores as low as 450, but we don’t need to do the initial check ourselves. By checking your own, your score won’t suffer.

Get the Money You Need Today with Loans Now!

With our commitment to providing great options to get money, and get them to you quickly, Loans Now is the safest resource you can get. You’ll never have to pay us any money for our service, and we’ll never try to strong-arm you into an offer you’re not comfortable with. We’ll only provide with you with quality options to borrow money and start paying off your debts now. Visit our Loan Discovery page, complete the form, and let us start helping you get the funding you need immediately!

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