Loans for Poor Credit

The consumers that fall into this category have multiple errors on their credit report, causing some trouble when obtaining unsecured personal loans and credit cards. When looking for loans for poor credit, you may pose a higher risk than a good credit consumer.

Advantages of the Loan Discovery Program

  • Unsecured Loans – No Payday or Title Loans
  • Our Unsecured Loan terms are 2,3,5, and 7 years
  • No Credit Check Personal Loans *
  • Our Unsecured Loan amounts start at $500 and cap at $70,000
  • Interest rates start at 4.99%

A one-on-one loan service strategy that fits every customer’s unique needs.

Bad Credit Loans is not a lender. We offer a free service connecting you with lenders that will present their loan offer to you with no obligation of having to accept the offer. You have more options by using our service as your request will be sent to multiple lenders and financial service providers using our proprietary technology.

Tamira Johnson“Imagination Loans provide just what they say, they bring imagination back into lending. I love this product!”

  • Loan amounts up to $5,000

    Our lenders and lending partners offer loans of up to $5,000 and they can be used for any purpose you choose.

  • Free to Try

    There is no cost to request a loan on our site.

  • Repayment Terms Up to 36 Months

    Loan durations vary between 3 and 36 months, although the terms of your specific loan may differ.

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