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Can Identity Theft Really Happen to Me?

It’s possible you haven’t spent much time thinking about it, but Identity Theft is America’s fastest growing crime.  Every two seconds in the United States an identity is stolen, resulting in more than $16 billion dollars of theft a year.  In 2016, 15.4 million Americans fell victim to identity theft, largely as a result of stolen credit card and account information.  In an era where more and more of our business is done and our information is stored online, cybersecurity is more important than ever.  

What’s the Real Cost of Identity Theft?

Identity Theft might not be as scary as a violent crime in the physical world, they can nonetheless be very damaging.  The most disturbing thing about identity theft is how often it goes undetected. People who don’t frequently check their credit scores or bank accounts may not notice that their funds are missing or their credit score has tanked for weeks, making the damage hard to undo.  

The most common form of identity theft is new account fraud- in which someone uses your name, social security number, and address to apply for a loan.  In many cases, these loans are stopped by the loan company when they call you and realize you didn’t apply for a loan, but the damage to your credit is already done at that point. If they don’t catch it, you could be on the hook for the money you didn’t ever receive! Make sure you and your family’s identities are safe with Experian’s IdentityWorks℠.  

How Can I Protect my Identity?

If you need to protect your identity and credit score, you can trust the experts at Experian. Experian is one of the “Big Three” credit reporting agencies; collecting and reporting credit information on over a billion people and organizations worldwide.  Experian not only reports credit scores, it also offers fraud protection. Who better for identity theft protection than the experts in credit monitoring? In fact, with Experian’s Identity Theft Protections, you can lock your Experian Credit Report, so thieves can’t do any damage. When the experts at Experian’s fraud detection center give you the all-clear, you can unlock your credit score any time.

What are the Benefits of Identity Theft Protection?

With IdentityWorks ℠ Premium, you receive robust identity protection with various cybersecurity tools, from around the clock credit monitoring to dark web surveillance:

  • Credit Monitoring– The product monitors your credit scores across Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, to quickly detect unexpected changes.
  • Fraud Detection– Experian has a dedicated team of fraud detection specialists to instantly notify you in the event of an attempted identity or credit breach.
  • Credit Lock– You will receive an alert in the instance of credit fraud, and give you the option to instantly lock your credit file to protect against any attempted intrusion.
  • Dark Web Surveillance The cybersecurity division of Experian scans the dark web daily, to detect if your information is being compromised.
  • Fraud Resolution Support IdentityWorks ℠ supports you every step of the way in any event of identity fraud, with a team of experts trained to fix any issue with your credit.
  • Identity Theft Insurance– In the unlikely event that your identity is stolen, IdentityWorks ℠ Premium has you covered for up to $1 Million in stolen funds, lost wages, and more.

Other benefits of Experian IdentityWorks ℠ instead of the other leading identity protection services are regular access to the FICO® Credit Scores that are used in the majority of credit decisions, score simulations for upcoming life changes, and detailed information about your credit utilization and debt mix. The benefits of having your data protected by one of the major credit monitoring organizations in the world cannot be understated.  Don’t be a victim of identity theft, protect your identity FREE for the first 30 days.

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