Budget-Friendly Tips for Covering Unexpected Home Maintenance Bills


Budget Friendly Tips to Maintain Your Home


No one wants to come home on a hot summer day to find that the air conditioning isn’t working. Unfortunately, this is something that happens all too often to homeowners throughout the country. To add insult to injury, these issues only seem to occur when the budget is already stretched tight or when the family has been squirreling away any available extra cash to take their first well-deserved vacation. If you are a homeowner facing a huge HVAC replacement bill or another unexpected repair bill, the following tips can help you find a way to cover them without breaking the budget or sacrificing your family’s much anticipated vacation plans.

Check with Your Insurance Provider to See if Any Part of the Repair or Replacement Cost is Covered

In some cases, repairs to major systems of the home, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and some types of roof or siding repairs may be covered under the home’s insurance coverage. This is most often true when the damage is associated with some type of weather event, such as being struck by lightning or other storm damage. In some cases, major appliances that are struck by lightning can continue to function for a few days or weeks after the initial hit, even though there may be signs of an electrical surge, such as melted wiring that the repair person or insurance adjuster may be able to identify as being caused by high voltage from a lightning strike.

Discuss Options with the Repair Company

If the damage to the home’s air condition or other areas is determined to be non-covered by insurance, homeowners may be able to find more affordable ways to cover the cost by working directly with the repair company. Some ways to lower the cost in this manner can include:

  • allowing the repair to be made with certified refurbished parts or components instead of new ones
  • offering to accept a guaranteed floor model or repossessed unit at a reduced cost, instead of the more expensive new unit
  • inquiring about deferred payment options or monthly payment plans instead of paying the entire cost up front

Consider Personal Loans as an Affordable Option for Unexpected Home Repairs

An unsecured personal loan can be a good way to pay for those unexpected home repairs. When offered through reputable personal loan lenders online or in person, this type of loan is completely confidential and offers a customizable repayment plan tailored to fit the borrower’s income and needs. In addition, unsecured personal loans may also be available to those with bruised credit and can often be closed in as little as a few business days.

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