There may be are a variety of financial options and solutions available to a person needing to finance his or her auto repairs: credit cards, payday loans, or a financing plan through a repair shop. Trading the damaged or disabled vehicle in for another one purchased with an auto loan may be a possibility too.

Financing Auto Repairs

A financing option that is likely to be less expensive then a high interest rate credit card, shop plan or payday loan is a personal loan. A specialized online lender currently offers auto repair personal loans with a interest rate as low as 5.99% for those that qualify on loan amounts between $500 to $10,000 with a three, five, or seven-year term. They’re easy to obtain and fund quickly, if not the same day, then the next business day – so there’s no reason to postpone the necessary auto repairs due to administrative inconveniences.

A personal loan obtained for auto repairs can also be used to finance custom repairs that involve purchasing after market products such as alarms, stereos, rims and tires, and high-performance components. In addition, auto repair personal loans are none restrictive – a borrower can use any shop they choose to complete their repairs or customer work.