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  • 3, 5, & 7 Year Loans up to 70K
  • No Title/Payday Loans
  • Min Loan Term 3 Years

No Initial Credit Check!

Max Loan Amount $70K - Min Loan $500

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No Initial Credit Check

Checking rate will not effect your credit score.

Unsecured Personal Loans

No payday or title loans.

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Credit Scores

We offer loans down to a score of 450.

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With Unsecured Personal Loans Online from Loans Now, getting a Personal Loan is easier than ever. Below are some sample rates and fees.

Credit Score LoanAmountTermSample Monthly Payment / Total PaymentFees
450+$25005 Years$90.33 / $5419.800%
550+$25005 Years$76.34 / $4580.400%
600+$25005 Years$63.48/ $3808.800%
650+$25005 Years$55.61 / $3336.600%
700+$25005 Years $49.50/ $2970.000%
750+$25005 Years$47.17/ $2830.200%

* Not all candidates will qualify
* Loans Now never Charges any upfront fees, if you are asked for any upfront fees
never pay them to anyone for the purposes of borrowing.
* Loans Now Never Charges any fees ever, simply answer a few questions and be on your way to obtaining a loan in as little as 3 hours.

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Unsecured Personal Loans Now has the right product for your lifestyle

Unsecured Personal Loans Now has the right product for your lifestyle.

So, who is a Loans Now customer? An unsecured personal loans customer is everyone. That’s right. Loans Now sees customers from all walks of life, all education levels and all areas of the country.

Unsecured personal loans are used by everyone, all of the time. These loans are used to purchase that new item you may have had your eye on. They could be used for an unexpected expense in which you need extra funds to help you through. Loans Now understands that each individual is just that, an individual. Individuals have unique needs and lifestyles. That is why Loans Now states that we have the “right product for your lifestyle.”

We often hear the question, “what is an unsecured personal loan?” Unsecured personal loans are just that, unsecured. What does unsecured mean? Unsecured means that you are offering no collateral. Collateral is usually in the form of a vehicle, investment product or real estate.

Personal unsecured loans are made to individuals, not companies. They are the same as personal installment loans and cover a wide variety of individuals and situations. These individuals may need bad credit personal loans, fair credit personal loans or good credit personal loans. Personal loans are not title or payday loans. Personal loans are fixed loans for a certain time period. This time period is usually either 2, 3, 5 or 7 years.

What is Unsecured Personal Loans Now, or Loans Now for that matter? Unsecured Personal Loans Now has been in business since 2013. It was created to assist individuals in obtaining hard to find unsecured personal loans through our unique Loan Discovery Process. After years in the financial services industry, it was becoming obvious that lending sources were becoming scarce – and even more troublesome was the fact that lending guidelines were becoming even more strict.

Given these new challenges, Loans Now saw the need for a website which could assist clients like you by compiling the best possible loan products available into one space. That space was Unsecured Personal Loans Now.

One of the best aspects of Unsecured Personal Loans Now is the fact that we service all credit types to include credit cards, personal loans for bad credit and personal installment loans. We have sought out the best programs and have included the longest repayment terms available so that our clients have the best opportunity to obtain the loans that they are seeking. Loans Now adheres to several standards. In no way does Loans Now ever collect information which would compromise the identity or security of our clients. Loans Now never charges a fee for any product or service. Loans Now never shares any information with 3rd parties, so our clients never receive harassing phone calls or emails. Even more exciting is that Loans Now works with our partners to offer personal loans for bad credit. We review scores down to 450.

How to use Loans Now to secure a personal unsecured loan.

The tool on the homepage:

Loans Now clients can answer the short quiz located on the home page to seek out possible offers by answering a few questions. They are then shown the best offers based on that information. We do recommend using our ‘know your score’ link to identify your current credit score prior to starting the process, or any loan process for that matter. This helps our clients to receive a no credit check loan. Loans Now clients may also search out credit card offers by clicking on the link located on the home page.

Loan Discovery Process:

Another aspect that makes Loans Now distinct in the personal loans industry is the recently introduced ‘Loan Discovery’ process. This is a quick and efficient way for clients to connect one-on-one with a loan discovery specialist, rather than choose from various lending products available once they’ve responded to the quiz on the Loans Now website.

Our Loan Discovery approach not only improves our client success rates, but it helps our clients avoid having their credit pulled multiple times as they seek the ideal loan solution. Our goal is to provide honest, transparent information that helps our clients get the unsecured personal loan that’s right for them.

Finally, as part of our commitment to education, Loans Now also regularly publishes articles on the company blog that cover different aspects of the lending process, the industry, and details on low-interest loans, unsecured loan rates and the best personal loans for bad credit.

At Loans Now, we strongly urge all people – regardless of whether they ultimately partner with us – to get their credit score before they start shopping for unsecured personal loans. This valuable information can help them apply to the right institution, get the best loan rate, lower their payments and could speed up the approval process.

How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

If you’ve got poor credit, loans can sometimes be hard to find. We specialize in identifying and obtaining, personal loans bad credit or good. That’s one of the reasons why our Loan Discovery Program is so popular, it helps identify loans for people with bad credit – helping them pay bills, get that extra cash they need, finance needed home or car repairs, or pay expensive vet bills for their pets.

If you’ve got bad credit, don’t let that deter you from using our service – we’ve helped thousands of clients identify the right loan for their needs. You can get a loan with bad credit – but how you do it matters. Loans Now provides an easy, quick approach to identifying the right loan without harming your credit score. We don’t take any personal information, so your details stay safe. If you’ve been wondering, ‘how can I borrow money with bad credit?’ – you’ve come to the right place.

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**Not all clients will achieve the same result, Min Loan Term 3 Years Max APR 35%**

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